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Why installing an Attic Solar Fan might be right for you.

how solar attic fans work

What Exactly is an Attic Solar Fan?

An attic solar fan is a device that mounts to the roof of your home and distributes airflow to help avoid excessive heat build-up in your attic. In doing so it also helps your air conditioning unit perform more efficiently and reduces the chances of it being overworked thus causing maintenance issues at some point.

Are they expensive?

Our Attic Solar Fans currently have fixed rates! Unlike our other services that require inspection before providing a quote this product/service is transparent from the start! Click the link for more information on pricing: https://www.airqualitytech.com/attic-solar-fan-installation/

How soon can I have one installed?

Air Quality Express, LLC offers same day service so beat the summer heat and have your home equipped with the latest energy efficient solution and prevent cooling issues in the long run! Book Now!

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