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What to Expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Company

air duct cleaning company

Air duct cleaning company is a blessing to the indoor fresh air; they have brought services that have enabled you to stay in a dust-free environment.

An air duct cleaning company should be able to:

All companies must have specialized tools such as soft-bristled brushes that can clean delicate surfaces. Fiberglass duct boards and sheet metal ducts lined with fiberglass require special attention.

Before cleaning the system, check for any asbestos material that may be in the ducts as these cannot be removed by cleaners but only by trained contractors.

Brushing on the surfaces should be well controlled in conjunction with vacuuming to clean off all dust particles and any other dirt.

For proper cleaning, open all access doors for the entire process to be thoroughly cleaned.

Protect all carpets and furnishings during cleaning.

Seal all air leaks and re-insulate any access holes for the system to remain airtight.

Follow NACDA’s air duct cleaning standards and the recommended practice for cleaning air ducts with fiberglass – NAIMA.

After cleaning, it is good to ensure all ducts are clean, and this cannot be done with the naked eye; some service providers would take pictures of the whole system. You can, however, create a checklist that you provide to the company before cleaning. It will help you identify air leaks and any remains of debris.

Your checklist should check out the following:

Was the cleaner able to access the whole heating and cooling system?

Did the cleaner demonstrate that the system is clean and no longer clogged?

Is it visible that the heat exchanger is totally clean?

Are both sides of the cooling coil entirely clean?

Does the other side of the cooling coil shine upon reflection with a flashlight? If the light reflects, then the cooling pipe is clean.

Does the cool drain, drain efficiently?

Are the blower blades, blower compartments, and return pipes visible from dust particles?

Do filers fit properly according to the recommendation by the system’s manufacturers?

Are the access doors free from air leakage or slight air leakage?

Is the whole system free from moisture stains, and mold can no longer grow?

Are the access doors fixed with more than just duct tapes, screws maybe?

Have the grills and diffusers appropriately been re-attached, and are they visibly clean?

After cleaning, does the whole system coordinate from the heating to the cooling system?

 The cost of duct cleaning depends on the air ducting cleaning company, be careful of companies that are so cheap; it may turn out to be expensive as ducts could be left with particles that will cause recontamination. When determining the price, put into consideration: the size of the whole system, the configuration of the ducts, and the number of the ducts.

Ensure that you check for satisfied cleaners to get the best result. It’s better to save up for the entire process since the cost will be affordable. Your whole duct system is also free from mold and moisture for quite some time.

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