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What Should I Expect To Pay For Air Duct Cleaning Services?

what should i expect to pay for air duct cleaning

Understanding Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning has become a hot ticket item given that most people now spend over 70% of their entire time indoors. If you own a home then you know all too well all the routine maintenance that is necessary to keep everything running smooth and in tip top shape.  Activities like cleaning gutters, cutting grass, repairing the roof and cleaning carpets which can be a lot to deal with. On top of all this cleaning your air ducts may not seem like a top priority.  

But you may be wondering, ”How important is it to clean my air ducts and what are reasonable air duct cleaning prices?”  While you are reviewing what the typical air duct cleaning pricing is and the necessary time needed to have them cleaned, it’s important to identify and understand what makes up air duct cleaning and why the process matters.

What are Air Ducts?
Air ducts are basically tubes that are used to connect the (HVAC) system with all the air vents that are located inside the home. Basically air ducts are responsible for carrying hot and cold air throughout your house essentially through the (HVAC system) which is comprised of the heating, ventilation & air conditioning units.  The (HVAC) system is responsible for pulling in air through the intake vents and will essentially cool or heat the air. From there the (HVAC)system will push the heated or cooled air throughout the ducts and air vents inside the home to cool and heat the home

What is Air Duct Cleaning
The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency has stated that air duct cleaning can be defined as the process of cleaning the air systems in a house that are responsible for heating and cooling. Essential components that participate in this process would be supply, return air ducts, diffusers, grilles, fan motors, drip pans, cooling & heating coils.  Typical areas in a home that require air duct cleaning would include vents in all the rooms that essentially collect dust, debris.  With the sophisticated setup of the ductwork many homeowners feel reluctant to engage in the process of having to clean their air ducts due to uncertainty. 

How important is air duct cleaning
 Keeping your air duct or HVAC system clean is extremely important if you’re a renter or homeowner. Families rely on their air condition units everyday to help keep them warm during winter and to keep them cool during the summer. It is important to note that your HVAC system works hard everyday to help keep your home temperature just right. 

However, the problem is it’s also putting into the air small particles like pet dander, bacteria, pollen, dust, allergens & duct mites that you and your family are breathing in everyday. And as time goes on all these particles will begin to accumulate on parts of the ac unit such as the duct surface and furnace plus all the other components.  Which in time will begin to restrict the airflow and put pressure & stress on your ac components and furnace. 

This type of contaminant build up will eventually lead to your ac unit breaking down and possibly needing costly repairs or worst case scenario having to replace the entire furnace. It is important to note that when you have a furnace that has dirty and clogged air ducts these contaminants that are inside and lining the ducts typically are pushed into the air flow and are flowing back into your house which in essence will affect the quality of air you and your family are breathing. 

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association or (NADCA) has stated that a well maintained ac unit does not have to work hard in order to maintain the appropriate temperature required. As a result, your HVAC system will use much less energy overall and will lead to improved quality of indoor air and help to reduce the cost of running the ac unit.

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How Much Is Air Duct Cleaning

As a homeowner once you have made the decision to find the best air duct cleaning company to clean your air ducts system, you may be asking just how much is air duct cleaning going to cost me? That will depend on several factors such as the number of ducts, condition of the hvac unit and when the air ducts were last cleaned, whether it’s a rigid or flexible ductwork system and of course the air duct cleaning company you choose. This is why at Air Quality Express we do not provide pricing without first performing an inspection to avoid changing the price of the service on the spot. This makes our price quote final without surprises. 

Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning:
The average cost of air duct cleaning could range anywhere from $600 to $1725 per AC units.

Typically what is included in the air duct cleaning service is: 

  • Full Service Cleaning of Air Conditioning Units, Vents and Air Ducts   
    Our focus is not only on cleaning the vents and ducts but also the entire air conditioning unit. The reason being is that if your ac unit is contaminated with mold, mildew, pet hair and other debris the contaminated HVAC unit will continue to release all these contaminates throughout the vents, ducts and the entire home even though your air ducts and vents have been cleaned. Which essentially means the problem of dirty air and contaminates still exists. For these reasons our goal of improving your indoor air quality is by providing you and your family with full HVAC cleaning services. This will ensure that your entire air conditioning unit is clean and providing you and your family with the best breathing experience possible.
  • The Air Quality Express Warranty
    Here at Air Quality Express your indoor air is our highest priority. We believe in providing our customers with the best price for the best service possible. Our team of committed technicians are always here to provide service to our valued customers 24 hrs 7 days a week. As part of our great customer service commitment to you, we also offer  warranty on our air duct cleaning services and products.


  • lnsured and Licensed Company

    Air Quality Express is focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction to all our valued customers by providing the best in highly-trained service technicians who come fully bonded and insured.  We have been in the air duct cleaning business for many years and understand first hand how keeping your ducts and air conditioning unit clean can lead to improved indoor air quality.

Beware of Tactics Duct Cleaning Scammers are Using on Consumers 

The biggest thing we see are cleaning companies advertising low rates. They are enticing customers with really low rates in order to get homeowners to schedule appointments with them which is the first step to getting scammed.  We know that companies will try to go to a customer’s house first, do a poor job and then try to charge extra for upsells, we don’t do that. The reason why we started Air Quality Express was to be honest with the customer find the problems & issues fix them and prevent the customer from being ripped off by low quality cleaning companies” 

It’s important to remember that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If someone is offering air duct cleaning services for $49 – $99 and they are stating that they will clean up to 16 ducts or more as an example that would not be considered a reasonable price and accurate pricing should be considered to be much higher than that.  

What To Look Out For To Avoid Being Scammed 

A very popular tactic being used in advertising is a cleaning company offering a free mold test in order to schedule an appointment to come to your house and start talking about mold in your (HVAC) system. They might show a test that looks like you have mold in your ac units, but if you don’t actually see them perform the mold test it could be a test that has been done before and might be a false test they are trying to use on you. 

Another tactic to be aware of is cleaning companies who come to your house to clean your air ducts and then tell you there is mold in your (HVAC) system. And then say it’s very dangerous and that you need to have mold remediation service performed immediately. Now the price goes from maybe $99 to hundreds or even thousands dollars 

We really encourage people to do their homework before hiring a cleaning company to clean their air ducts like checking the company’s reviews on Google My Business, Yelp and other reputable review sites. We also recommend checking with NADCA to see if the cleaning company is registered as a member of that organization.  

Remember to keep in mind that if cleaning companies are using questionable advertising practices especially low pricing it could definitely be a sign of a bait and switch scam.  Do Your Homework – Before choosing a company 

How To Choose The Right Air Duct Cleaning Company 

It is highly recommended that before you pay any air duct cleaning company to service and maintain your (HVAC) system that you do due diligence first.  In the HVAC cleaning business there is a high probability of potential scammers that will attempt to take your hard earned money. The first thing you want to do is ensure that the air duct cleaning company is a member and following the NADCA standards. 

 The National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a nonprofit organization made up of companies that are extremely dedicated to maintaining and cleaning HVAC systems. It is strongly recommended before hiring any air duct cleaning company it is best practice to ensure that  they are a member of the NADCA organization and are in good standing and certified by the organization to provide air duct cleaning services, that they are licensed, and that they have proof of insurance. 

It is important to note, that air duct cleaning costs can vary, but by ensuring the air duct cleaning company you are considering is following these standards, you will be able to avoid being scammed and leaving the job half done or worse costing you even more in having to hire another cleaning company. 

Air Quality Express can provide professional cleaning services for all your air duct cleaning needs that will help to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning units.  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more on how Air Quality Express can help with cleaning your air ducts please feel free to call 832-781-0105  with any questions.

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