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what is attic cleaning and insulation?

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What is Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Air Quality Express prioritizes your attic cleaning and insulation process. We begin with a thorough assessment of your attic to determine damage and entry points. Afterward, we begin our cleaning and insulation process it will take the majority of a day – and we provide pictures of our progress at every step of the way.
Attic Cleaning refers to the services undertaken to eliminate junk, dirt, debris, rodents, mold, and rodent droppings in the attic or crawl space. In many cases, attic cleaning is undertaken together with attic insulation.
The attic is one of the most neglected part in many homes. Most people use it as crawl space to store junk and other items they don’t use everyday. Even more people totally neglect their attic and never visit it for any reason.
Given the warm, humid weather in cities like Houston, Texas, the attic can become a breeding ground for dirt, dust, and junk. These conditions, in addition to the stuffy, humid environment, make the attic a perfect place for mold to proliferate. Additionally, the attic can become home to small animals and rodents such as rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, and bats. Many of these animals have been linked to diseases which can potentially be harmful to humans. The cumulative total of these issues can adversely affect a home’s indoor air quality leading to allergy-like symptoms in the home’s occupants. These symptoms include incessant coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, chronic fatigue, runny nose, soar throat and even migraines.
To alleviate this, attic cleaning and insulation is recommended. Air Quality Express is an industry leader at attic cleaning and insulation in Houston. Our trained and certified technicians will restore your indoor air quality by ensuring your attic is clean and sanitary. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

 Attic insulation

Research shows over 90% of all U.S. homes are under-insulated. This can wreak havoc to energy bills since the home’s indoor temperature fluctuates with extremes of weather (very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter). This means the air conditioning unit has to work extra hard to regulate these extremes of temperature resulting in very high energy bills. Insulation refers to the layer of materials that are fitted and fastened in between the interior and exterior of a structure’s walls, floors, and ceiling. Its sole purpose is to moderate the level of temperature inside the home or business. Attic insulation is especially important in Houston because the roof and ceiling are the entry points for cold and hot air.
 Air Quality Express has been providing quality attic insulation in Houston for over a decade. We specialize in fiberglass insulation, Batt Insulation, and Blown-in insulation. Give us a call at (832) 781-0105 to schedule a same-day inspection. We look forward to getting your home climate and air quality as comfortable as possible.
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