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What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is an often misunderstood subject. That is why air ducts are some of the most overlooked areas of a home or business. But research shows they are critical to overall indoor air quality. In a nutshell, air ducts refer to the system of passages that supply the home or office with air and ventilation. But over time, ducts can become breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and microbial growth. These are then pumped into the home’s indoor air supply by the HVAC air conditioning system. Because ductwork is often the source and pathway for dust and biological contaminants, clean air ducts mean significantly improve a home’s air quality.

Whether you realize it or not, there could be large amounts of dust and dirt hiding in your air ducts. These typically build up over time due to the following:

  • Indoor cooking and barbecuing
  • Sweeping and vacuuming the home
  • Indoor smoking
  • New construction and remodeling
  • Leaving doors and windows open

Dirty air ducts can result in the following:

  • Bad odors
  • Allergy symptoms
  • High energy bills

Clean air ducts can positively impact your health by reducing the volume of dirt particles that circulate in the indoor air. While most people are aware of the importance of outdoor air quality, many still do not appreciate the importance of maintaining pristine indoor air quality. 

If your air duct has dirt, debris, and dust, it can adversely affect the quality of air coming in the home or business. Our service is both reliable and affordable. We strive to improve the quality of your indoor air and extend the useful life of your HVAC system and air filters.

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