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Water Restoration in a Home

Water damage restoration and repair

Water leakages cause a lot of damage to homes.  If not taken care of immediately, it can turn to be hazardous.  For instance, it can lead to the growth of mold, which can pose a health risk and cause electrical hazards. Water damage is a grave issue that is expensive to deal with. If the unexpected happens, and the water gets its way into your house, swift action is required to restore your home. If this is not done in good time, mold and other hazards will be evident in a short time.

How to Spot Water Damage

A feel of a soft spot on the floor or other wet areas such as around the bathtub, kitchen sink, toilet, or bathroom should automatically tell you that there is water damage

Rust – Metallic items will always rust when exposed to a wet environment. If you notice some rust, that’s a clear indication of some water leakage causing the rust.

Warped or cracked flooring – If you have a wooden floor, you can look for areas that seem raised; most likely, the raised areas result from water damage. In the case of tiles, the cracking can also be caused by water damage.

Dirty tap water – If you notice cloudy water coming out of the tap, this should indicate water leakage.

Check the Roof – If you find pools of water and some missing shingles, this should tell you there is leakage on the roof. This could have been caused by wind or heavy rain.

Drainage System – Check your drainage system. If you find some mold growing on the pipes, this should automatically tell you that there is some leakage in the drainage system.

Once you have identified some leakage in your house, the next step is to do restoration before the problem escalates to a bigger problem. Here are the two steps that you need to follow:

Shut Electric Power

The first thing you need to do after identifying leakages in your house is to shut the electric power from the main switch. Once the power is off, you are now safe to unseal and seal the pipes from where the leakages could be coming from. We shut off the power because if electricity is exposed to water, it can turn hazardous.

Call a Professional

Now that you are not a plumber or a professional in water damage restoration, you can seek the services of experts such as airqualitytech.com. They have the know-how, and they are better placed to advise on what needs to be done.  They ensure that your home is restored to feel and look new again. Once you engage a professional to do the work, you can be sure to save a few dollars at the same time enjoying the safety and comfort brought about by the restoration.


Water is life, but it can also turn to be hazardous. Therefore, it is crucial to keep checking for water leakages in your house and get them fixed before they cause more damage.

water damage restoration company in Houston
water damage restoration company in Houston

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