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Burst Pipes? Get Water Removal and Restoration Services in Houston

water damage restoration in Houston
In need of water removal and restoration services in Houston? Texas has been inundated by the most severe winter storm in over 30 years. Temperatures in some places have sunk to an unprecedented single-digit low bringing snow and ice. Other than the widespread power outages, many homes are also wrestling with water damage due to burst pipes. If your home has experienced water damage, you need to act quickly. Delays can cause critical structural damage and growth of mold which is a health hazard. Call or contact Air Quality Express to schedule a same-day appointment today.

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

water damage restoration in Houston
When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, as has happened in Houston this winter, the water inside the piping system freezes and turns to ice. This ice expands in volume by over 9 percent% and eventually displaces the water. Because this is all happening within a constrained space (inside a narrow pipe), pressure builds up considerably causing the pipe to burst. When the pipe bursts, an immense amount of water gushes out. In many cases, because the homeowners are not yet aware of what is happening, the water continues pouring until it is shut off at the main switch. If these broken pipes are located inside the walls, or on the roof or attic, the results can be devastating. 

Looking to regain peace of mind? We are a water restoration company in Houston

water damage removal and restoration services in Houston
Has your home recently been damaged by a water emergency due to a burst pipe? Air Quality Express offers water damage restoration and repair services at affordable rates. Call today and our friendly customer service is ready to schedule a same-day appointment to handle your emergency. We are considered leading experts in Residential Water Damage Restoration and Repair Services in Houston. We provide Fast Reliable Response including, Friendly & Knowledgeable Service

Why you need to take immediate action

Sometimes, water damage is not quite obvious. But don’t let that fool you. Water damage can still extend inside the walls (even though they may look visibly dry). Wet walls can be a huge source of mold which in turn is a huge health hazard. This is another reason why you need a licensed water damage restoration expert (unlicensed contractors may not have the tools or expertise to do a thorough job).

Having a burst water pipe in the middle of a winter storm is an absolute nightmare.

That’s because the same home that was supposed to provide shelter and warmth against the chilling weather suddenly becomes unlivable. Most families dealing with broken water pipes and water damage have to evacuate. In these types of conditions, homeowners want immediate help. Air Quality Express has been providing water damage restoration for over a decade. We understand just how urgent a water emergency is.

You can count on our seasoned professionals who guarantee their work. Whether it’s your home or business, a damaged building requires swift, expert service from a licensed professional like Air Quality Express. Our goal is to restore your building back to its safe, pre-incident habitat in a quick and efficient manner. Our certified, and well-trained team provides professional cleanup and restoration services to Houston homeowners. Let us help you too.

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