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Water damage can happen to anyone. When it does, it causes considerable anguish when it sips into the walls, attic, floors, and cabinets, etc. Whether it’s from a burst pipe or a storm, the ordeal can totally disrupt your livelihood since your precious habitation will need to be vacated temporarily. If your home or office has experienced water intrusion and the resulting damage, you need to act quickly and contact a licensed water damage and restoration expert. You might also want to talk to your insurance adjuster to see if your policy covers water damage restoration in Houston.

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Air Quality Express is a fully licensed water damage restoration in Houston professional. High-quality and excellence are the foundation of everything we do.

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You can count on Air Quality Express to be there when you need us the most. Contact us right away at 832-731-0105 and schedule a same-day appointment. We believe you deserve a quick response to your water damage and restoration problem.

Water Removal and Restoration Process

Before we embark on the process of water extraction, we have to stop the effects of the water damage. This is called water mitigation in Houston. Water extraction is a dangerous, dirty job that should only be handled by licensed water damage contractors like Air Quality Express. Our water removal and restoration process includes:
water damage inspection

Step 1 : Inspection & Water Damage Assessment

Before water damage cleanup can begin, our certified inspector will come to your home and assess the extent of water damage you’ve experienced. The inspector will note whether you’ve already experienced mold damage and thus need mold removal including mold remediation. Our inspector will provide a quote for a the water removal, restoration job and drying process.

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Step 2 : Water Extraction

Whether its a burst pipe, or an emergency water damage, the first step in water extraction is shutting off the source of damaging leaks. Wearing proper protective gear, our technicians use submersible pumps and truck-mounted vacuums to draw the water out from your home. Infrared cameras also allow our technicians to determine water saturation in the walls, ceiling, and floors, and whether carpet needs to be pulled to protect the rest of your home.

water damage restoration

Step 3 : Demolition and removal

The water damage restoration process may entail the demolition of certain areas of the home or commercial property. This may include those areas such as the drywall, floor, and ceilings that have sustained the most water damage. The goal is to deny mold the opportunity to grow.

The other reason why demolition is necessary in some cases is to restore the structural integrity of the building. This may necessitate specific demolition methods especially if the building has been subjected to a flood. At this point, it’s good to note that demolition should only be left to trained and licensed professionals who have the necessary expertise and equipment.

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Step 4 : HEPA Vacuuming, sanitizing and cleaning

Following complete water removal, our technicians use industrial-grade antimicrobial detergents to eradicate any harmful pathogens from the surfaces in your home. 

drying process water damage

Step 4 : Drying process

Using industrial-strength fans, our technicians dry out the surfaces in your home. We also use dehumidifiers to leech moisture out of the air that may additionally contribute to mold damage. This is also part of our mold remediation services. Usually this process can take between 3 to 7 days depending on the humidity level.

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Step 6 : Monitoring

The technicians track the entire drying processing using sophisticated meters to ensure the moisture content has dropped to acceptable levels. In order to guarantee accurate readings, they also monitor the equipment constantly to ensure it is functioning as it should. If everything is working as planned, homeowners can expect the entire drying process to range from one day to several depending on the extent of the damage.


Step 7 : Completion

Once the meters read moisture levels equal to the previous dry state of the room, the technician will remove the fans and dehumidifiers from the area. At this point, the water remediation process is considered to complete.

Water Damage explained

There are many ways a home or office can experience water intrusion. These most common causes are:
  • Plumbing system leaks due to wear and tear
  • Leaks and malfunctions in sinks, toilets, and bathtubs
  • Leaks in water heaters, appliances, etc.
  • Excessive water from adverse weather events storms, tornadoes, and flash floods
  • Sewage backups

Why you shouldn't ignore water damage

If you suspect water leakage in your home or office, you should act fast to avoid further damage. If left unattended, water can have disastrous effects including but not limited to:
  • Destruction of furniture
  • Destruction of your flooring tiles and wood
  • Rot to wood causing structural damage to the building
  • Destruction to electronicS
  • Destruction of the electrical wiring of the home or office
  • Mold growth which results in health risks

Sources of Residential Water Damage

In Texas, water damage can occur from a variety of sources. Listed are the most common causes:

Storm Damage

Live in southeast Texas for long enough and you’re guaranteed to experience a brutal hurricane. If you haven’t yet, you should know that gale force winds can blow out windows and doors, allowing torrential rain in. Flooding is also a frequent occurrence in the Houston area and can happen even on the random chance of a particularly strong thunderstorm.

Leaking Pipes and Overflowing Plumbing Fixtures

Pipes, like anything else in your home, require maintenance. Of course, since you can’t see the pipes in your home, pipe damage often goes unnoticed, even when leaking, until they eventually burst. And if there’s a clog in your sink or toilet, you may find yourself experiencing a nasty overflow.

Sewage Backup

Whether due to an unavoidable sewer line collapse or a totally avoidable sewer line clog, occasionally you experience the nastiest source of residential water damage: a backed-up sewer line. This can cause sewage to leak into your yard, into your foundation, and out of plumbing fixtures in your home.

Water Damage from Firefighter Response

When you suffer a house fire, you’ll notice that firefighters use seemingly endless gallons of water to quell the flames. While some water turns to steam and other water spills out of your home, plenty of it soaks into the walls and surfaces of your residence as well.

Effects of Water Damage

Water damage can have a profound effect on your home, often in ways, you can’t see. To mitigate these effects, a professional water damage restoration company should be contacted as soon as the damage is detected.

Damage to Wiring, Gas Lines, and Appliances

A dangerous, unseen effect of water damage is damage to anything electrical in your home. Excessive water damage can lead to shorts in your wiring and appliances, and may put dangerous pressure on your gas lines.

Mold Growth

Mold can set in in as little as 48 hours after excessive water exposure; If left unchecked, mold growth can rapidly spread throughout your home, leaving unsightly marks on surfaces and a horrible odor in the air. Mold can also contribute to respiratory issues in your family, especially those with asthma or other chronic lung conditions; and in the most extreme cases, widespread mold growth can contribute to structural damage in your home.

Black Water Contamination

Does your home smell like sewage after experiencing water damage? This is an unfortunate sign of black water contamination, caused by flooding with water derived from sources that contain human or animal waste. There’s no telling what disgusting pathogens black water contains, and unprotected contact with black water can lead to any number of illnesses.

Restore Your Home With Air Quality Express

If you’ve experienced water damage from flooding or a burst pipe, you don’t have the luxury of time – you need to hire a professional water removal and restoration company right away to mitigate the effects of mold damage. For expert damage restoration services call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 for a same-day water damage assessment and reclaim your home today.

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