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Water Damage Restoration and Repair

There is a huge demand now for water damage restoration and repair. Imagine this scenario: You come home one day from a vacation and the last thing you expect is to step into a standing puddle of water on the floor or a wet carpet. But this is not unusual in Houston. It happens all the time especially this year when we faced record cold weather resulting in numerous burst pipes. But wait, don’t get frustrated.  There’s help.

Now you have one of the best water damage restoration services in the town by your side 24/7. It’s Air Quality Express LLC. Simply dial 832-781-0150 and let us restore your home to the condition it was in before the water damage.

Why Should You Choose Air Quality Express LLC?

  • Can Handle Disaster of Any Size
  • 24/7 Service Around the Year
  • 10-Years’ Experience in Cleaning and Restoration
  • Most Advanced Equipment
  • Licensed and Insured
  • NADCA Certified

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Water damage restoration and repair

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What does mold inspection involve?

A professional mold inspection begins with a visual inspection of the dwelling. Some photographs may be taken, and a moisture meter may be used to check specific areas.In some instances, if there is the possibility that mold may be present behind a wall, under carpeting, etc., then a small area of these may have to be breached in order to check for its presence. It may then be necessary for the inspector to remove more of the material to find the source of the moisture feeding the infestation.

When is a Water Damage Restoration and Repair Needed?

You need a professional water damage restoration service to remove water after a water spill situation. When you face any of the following conditions, please do not hesitate to call our professional water restoration team.

  • Burst Pipe
  • Leaky Roof
  • Structural Damage
  • Clogged Sewerage
  • Broken Gutter
  • Condensation from the Air Conditioning Unit

It doesn’t matter what time it is. We are available to serve you 24/7 all around the year.

Why is a Quick Restoration of Water Damage Essential?

It will always be frustrating to find water overflowing from the washing machine or a flooded basement from a broken gutter. Sometimes these situations make you so perplexed that you can’t even think of what to do.

It is advised not procrastinate in these situations and wait. The more you wait, the more damage the standing water could do to your personal property. A water-damaged home can cause

  • Rapid Growth of Mold Spores
  • Bacteria Growth
  • Pest Infestation
  • Suffocation due to Musty Smell
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Financial Losses
  • Breathing Problems
  • Permanent Destruction of Wall and Floor Materials

Water cleanup is not only about drying the carpet or basement floor. It is a combination of intricate processes. The wall or floor’s surface may look dry, but they can have trapped water deep inside.

Suppose these situations are not taken care of promptly. In that case, materials like carpet, vinyl, or insulating fiber fills can cause tremendous damage. call Air Quality Express LLC anytime at 832-781-0150 we will assess the situation and help you with the repair and restoration.

How Long Does it Take to Restore Water Damage?

It depends on the category and classification of the damage. Severe damage will require a longer time. If things are not that bad, it will be done in a shorter time. The typical duration for any regular restoration process is between 3 to 14 days.

We will work with you to decide whether it will be safe for you and your family to stay home during the restoration process or not.

Steps of Water Damage Repair

As an independently owned and operated company in Houston, we connect with our clients personally. We put our best effort to perform the water extraction for the maximum satisfaction of our clients.


Air Quality Express LLC is a NADCA certified water removal and damage restoration service. So, you can stop worrying about the insurance companies while hiring us. We strictly follow the NADCA guideline and perform the water cleanup process in 5-steps.

1.   Damage Inspection

The appearance of our van approaching your driveway will make you confident. Water restoration specialists will start assessing the damage’s extent, affected areas, category, and classification of the damage in no time out. 

We use state-of-the-art moisture detectors like Hygrometers and Moisture Scourers to determine water absorption. We don’t hide the extent of damage from you because we have the solution for all.

2.   Removal of Water

The first step of the solution is removing the standing water as quickly as possible. We use a wide range of water extractors for different purposes.


  • Portable Vacuum(Wet/Dry)
  • Truck Mounted Vacuums
  • Submersible Pumps

Standing water does the maximum damage to your home, especially in the basement. Thus, we attend your call in no time with the most advanced water removal equipment in the market.


After all the water is removed, we will run another inspection before dealing with the hidden or trapped moisture.

3.   Drying Process

Even though the entire drying process begins with water removal, this is only the beginning. Only the drying and dehumidifying process will make the home  completely dry. Our water restoration specialists use industry-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to make your home completely dry both from the inside and outside. 


We continuously monitor the humidity level to ensure every damaged area is dried. You can check it anytime also. It’s your satisfaction that matters most to us.

4.   Cleaning and Sanitization

This step requires the utmost professionalism and efficiency. And our specialist restoration experts have both. We will clean the damaged area with the utmost care and with the highest effort to save as much personal property as possible. 


However, we may have to remove some of the damaged parts that are beyond repair. There are multiple ways we do the cleaning. It includes:


  • Power Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning

5.   Repair and Restore

This is the step where we restore your home to the state it was in before the damage. So we do extensive repair and restoration wherever required. The extent of this last step depends on the severity of the damage.


We will repair, restore, or replace anything that has been damaged by the water. It may be a combination of simple tasks or can be a long-term project with a massive restoration.


If you want to minimize this last step’s extent and cost, call us immediately after any water damage. If you like us to contact you, then fill the form and wait for the ringtone in no time.


Our expert restoration specialists are also experts in the water mitigation process. Consult them to prevent any future damage. 

Call for the Best Restoration Experts in Houston

Water damage mitigation is an intensive task that requires a lot of patience, skill, and dedication. In Houston, it’s Air Quality Express LLC that can offer you all of these in any challenging situation on a 24/7 basis. 

Call at 832-781-0150 or fill-up the form to get the best and quickest water damage repair services in houston.

Air Quality Express provides professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings and residential homes in Houston and surrounding areas. Routine air duct cleaning can prevent unhealthy living and working conditions. Furthermore, cleaning air ducts increase HVAC efficiency overall. Speaking of efficiency, the Air Quality Express team offers same-day service. Better yet, we’ll be in and out of your home or business before the day is over.

Same Day Service

With same-day air duct cleaning services, we make sure that the job is started and finished before the end of the day. We do this to ensure that your family or employees don’t go the entire day without air conditioning. You don’t need to close down your business or plan a vacation just to get your air ducts cleaned. Instead, call Air Quality Express. With our speedy and efficient cleaning services, routine duct maintenance can be a breeze.

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