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Water Damage Inspection

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Our Water Damage Inspection Process

Once we receive your call, the next step is to schedule an appointment. Once an acceptable time is determined, we send a certified technician to conduct a detailed inspection of your property, including the water damage assessment. This is done so Air Quality Express can formulate an appropriate response plan.

Our Water Damage Inspection Process

The technicians use their expertise and experience to determine the  source/s of the water intrusion into the home. This is important because, in order for us to begin the drying process, we must stop the source of the leak or intrusion.  These are the initial steps:
  • Stopping the source of leakage
  • Determine if there is any contamination of the water

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Quick Response Time

We understand just how critical it is for and your family to get the help you need when you experience a water or fire damage emergency. The same is true for mold removal and remediation, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning. Quick action is needed because of the health and structural implications that these situations pose. Contact us right away at 832-734-9714 and schedule a same-day appointment.

Determine the Extent of the Water Damage

Water damage refers to the destruction caused by water intrusion. In a nutshell, it’s water coming in where it shouldn’t. This is a serious occurrence that can damage the sheet rock, drywall, wood, and can also lead to microbial mold growth.
Our technicians use specialized equipment and expertise to gauge the extent of the water damage. This assessment also includes checking for any safety issues and ensuring the home or office owner understands the risks. These may include:
  • Dangers with electrical wiring (that could cause electrocution)
  • Presence of contaminated water
  • Any sewage leaks
  • Presence of lead or asbestos

Moving Furniture and Electrical Appliances

Water damage may not always be easy to spot especially if it’s hiding in the ceilings, floors, under the carpet, behind appliances, in the drywall, etc. This is why you need a licensed technician like Air Quality Express with the necessary techniques to check for water damage using approved methods and equipment.
Before beginning the inspection, some items of furniture may need to be moved. The same applies to electrical appliances and equipment. Sometimes the carpet may need to be removed as well.

Restore Your Home With Air Quality Express

If you’ve experienced water damage either a burst pipe, or adverse weather such as flooding, you need to act fast. The longer you wait the more devastating the effects. You need to hire a professional and licensed water removal and restoration company right away to mitigate the effects of mold damage. Call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 for a same-day water damage assessment and reclaim your home today.