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UV Light Installation in Houston

While microbes and pathogens can be harmful to your health and disrupt the cleanliness of your air, you may find the use of abrasive chemicals in your home off-putting. And we can’t blame you – some people are extra sensitive to the chemicals used in disinfection and mold remediation services; others are wary of possible unknown side effects of accidentally breathing in these chemicals; still, others may be worried that despite the best efforts of disinfection professionals, the smallest surface may have been overlooked.

If for these, or any other, reasons you may doubt the efficacy of a manual disinfection process, Air Quality Express has another option for you: disinfection and decontamination by ultraviolet light exposure.

Why Should I Install UV Lights in My Home?

The ultimate disinfection device, UV lights are used in hospitals to guarantee the eradication of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections. Ultraviolet light’s ability to sanitize a whole room with minimal labor and no chemicals has made it the go-to disinfecting tactic for US hospitals since 2007. UV light disinfection has also been used in laboratory, industrial, and water treatment applications for decades.

uv light installation
Uv light installation

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What Are the Benefits of UV Lights in My Home?

While ultraviolet light installations might cost a little bit more upfront, you will quickly reap the health and financial benefits. Among these benefits are:

UV light installation

Ultraviolet Light is a Highly Effective Germicidal Solution

You’ve read that UV lights are used in hospitals, but do you know what makes ultraviolet lights so effective at disinfection?

UV lights work by breaking down the molecular bonds in a microbe’s DNA – essentially deactivating the germ. This means a whole room treated with UV light rays can be successfully decontaminated in minutes! And while direct exposure to conventional UV lights can be harmful to human health, research has shown that continuous low-dose, far-UVC lights in a medical setting destroys viruses all the same – meaning UV lights will soon become the safest, most cost-effective method of keeping your home as clean as possible.

UV light installation

UV Lights Save You Money

Once you’ve paid to install your UV lights, the only costs you have to further worry about are maintenance and light bulbs. Depending on where you install your lights, this could save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation and disinfection services, water treatments, home cleaning services, cleaning supplies, and medical bills.

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UV Lights Give You Peace of Mind

Do you ever worry that no matter how hard you spray and scrub, you just aren’t eradicating germs in your home completely? When you install UV lights in your home, you no longer have to worry about germs and the effect they may have on your family’s health – when properly maintained, UV lights ensure that your home environment is as sterile as a doctor’s office.

Where are UV Lights Used?

Ultraviolet lights are used in several different applications in home disinfection, including:

UV Air Purification

The most popular application of ultraviolet lights in home disinfection, UV lights are installed inside your HVAC system near the coils, to prevent mold or bacterial growth before it can proliferate in your home. Combined with the regular replacement of AC filters, this allows you to take a proactive, germicidal approach to your indoor air quality without worrying about expensive follow-up cleaning services.

UV Water Purification

Another popular home installation, UV water purifiers work with your existing water filter to ensure the cleanest possible drinking water. While traditional water filters operate by physically separating particles from the water, a UV water purifier doesn’t remove particles at all – it simply deactivates what’s left. Studies show that UV water purification deactivates 99.99% of organisms in water – making it the most effective form of water purification.

UV Room Purification

Finally, Air Quality Express has a variety of devices to perform the sterilization of the surfaces of your home, even eradicating the germs in the fibers of your carpet. These devices use a low dose wavelength of UVC to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

Install UV Lights in Your Home Today

Now more than ever, you want your home to be sanitary and professionally disinfected as often as possible. The costs, uncertainty, and irritations of using cleaning chemicals and services might be more than you want to bear. Give Air Quality Express a call at (832) 781-0105 and schedule an appointment to install UV lights in your home today!

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