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We Provide Mold Removal and Inspection Services in Tomball

Mold grows in pretty much every place whether it’s indoors or outdoors. There are different types of mold, but experts agree that most mold grows in areas with lots of water or moisture and warmth. Mold itself consists of microscopic spores which are easily carried in the air and can spread very quickly. The spores can access your home through open doors and windows, chimneys, human movement, pets, in even the air ducts and vents. Once the spores enter the home mold can quickly spread especially if there is a water leak. Sometimes regular moisture in places like the bathroom, behind appliances end in dark places like the attic can provide a perfect breeding ground for mold.

If inhaled for prolonged periods of time, mold can cause health problems. Have you been suffering from persistent allergies? How about coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and sore throat? While this can be caused by excessive pollen in the atmosphere, in many cases mold is the real culprit.

Mold can also cause damage to walls, paints call mark floors, and even the roof. Can you remove the mold yourself? The answer is, yes, if the mold does not occur extensively. In that case, mold can be cleaned or eradicated using over the counter detergents. But in many cases, we do not recommend that you remove mold yourself. 

Here are the reasons for this:

Even if you suspect that your mold infestation is not widespread, you must bear in mind that mold could be occurring in areas that are difficult to see and access. This is exactly why you need to hire a professional mold removal expert. Hard to access areas can be for example, behind the walls, under the sink, behind appliances, in the attic, in the roof, and even inside the air ducts. An unlicensed unprofessional mold removal contractor may not be in a position to eradicate mold completely from this areas.

Another reason why you need a professional and licensed mold removal expert, is that in most cases where mold is present there is also a high likelihood of water damage. We mentioned that mold most likely occurs in areas with abundant moisture. So whenever you see mold, most likely there is a water leak somewhere. That means, the underlying issue of the water leak must be addressed before the problem of mold can be fully resolved. An unlicensed mold removal expert cannot address all the underlying issues. This is another critical reason why you need to hire the right mold removal expert.

Hiring a licensed and professional mold removal expert has another added benefit: mold remediation. Eradicating mold is one thing, but ensuring that it does not recur in the future is another. A licensed professional will not only ensure that mold has been totally eradicated, but they will also ensure that it does not come back.

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How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

How much does mold removal cost? This all depends on the different companies that are doing the mold removal work, and also the extent of the mold in your building. But we must mention something:  you must be extra careful when choosing a mold removal contractor. As we mentioned earlier not every mold removal expert is the same. You must beware of unlicensed technicians. These are usually targeting unsuspecting homeowners during a crisis such as a flood, a hurricane, or a snowstorm. When selecting a contractor to help you with your mold clean up, make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. In many cases, mold removal and remediation is covered by your home owners insurance. Contact your insurance agency for details.

Mold Removal Process

Air Quality Express is a reputable and licensed mold removal and remediation contractor in Tomball. Here is our process:

Find mold

Find the Source of Mold

The first thing we do when we get to your location is find the source of the mold. In many cases mold occurs in areas that are not readily visible. For instance, there could be lots of mold in the walls, under the appliances, in the roofing systems, in the attic, and even inside the HVAC air ducts. Our goal is to locate the source of the mold and formulate a strategy to totally eradicate it. This is another reason why you need a licensed mold removal contractor.

Mold removal and remediation

We Isolate the Problem Areas

One of our highest priorities is making sure the mold does not spread during the cleanup process. We use 6-millimeter Polyethene sheets including duct tape and other materials to seal off the areas we are working on. We also sealed off all the doorways’ vents and windows. We also recognize that dust can be a problem during the cleanup process. We therefore use special detergents and missing components to ensure that the mold spores do not use dust to spread.

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We Use Advanced Techniques to Eradicate the Mold

Once we identify the source of the mold and the extent of the damage, we begin the steps on how to contain it and prevent it from spreading. We begin by building an enclosure to contain the area where the mold and this mold spores may be located to stop it from spreading further. We then utilize environmentally-friendly chemicals and detergents such as bio side to treat and kill the mold instead of scraping it away from stone wood or fabric. Mold removal may also involve an aspect of water damage restoration. This is because in a lot of places where mold occurs there is water damage such as a leak or a burst pipe. So, mold removal and remediation services may also include water damage restoration services. This is another reason why you should hire a licensed contractor.

We Undertake Proper Disposal Of All Damaged Material

The process of mold removal and cleanup cannot be complete without proper disposal of all damaged and mold-contaminated materials. These include drywall, paint, carpet, wallpaper, etc. We remove these and dispose of them using industrial garbage bags. We then sanitize the area using the appropriate detergents.

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mold removal houston
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Our Commitment to Excellence!

Our mold removal and remediation process is through and professional. We use only the highest quality material and utilize the most stringent safety standards. That is why we have continued to garner an excellent rating among our customers as evidenced in over 200+ five-star reviews. 

Whether it’s mold inspection, removal and cleanup, or mold remediation, excellence undergirds everything we do. We utilize the best technology and methods to remove mold and any moisture that is acting as a catalyst for its growth. 

This includes using antifungal and antimicrobial treatments that prevent mold from recurring. Air Quality Express has been in business for over a decade, and you can trust us to do the job right every time. Call us today at 832 781 0105 to schedule an appointment for mold removal services in Tomball, TX.

Air Quality Express Mold Removal Steps

Looking For Professional Mold Remediation?

We are well equipped and resourced to handle any mold remediation for your business or home. We use the very best technology and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for you and your loved ones. Call us today at 832 781 0105 to schedule an appointment for mold removal services in Tomball.

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The early settlers found a land that was perfect for farming and raising cattle. They enjoyed adequate rainfall, which made it an ideal place to live in Texas’ district southwest region known as “Bastrop”. A grant from 1838 gave them ownership over this open space; however they had no idea how much wealth awaited within its boundaries! In 1906 the area began booming when fortunes were being created every day because of all these new opportunities on offer – Businesses like oil drilling sawed through rock needed workers who could survive long hours at height without complaint or injury while others worked hard planting wheat under heavy equipment operators kept us safe.

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