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Tips for House Cleaning after Water Damage

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Understanding House Cleaning after Water Damage

Water is a very vital part of our lives. In order to clean and stay clean, we need water. We do not realize how much we use and need water until we have been without it for a day. That being said, water can also be too much. It can be dangerous when in excess, in places it should not be.

For example, without a functional sump pump in the house, there could be flooding of the basement area. This flood water can soak the walls of the house. As a result of this, the building could fall, there could be electrical problems, and so on. These emergencies can happen after a storm, a burst of pipes, a flood somewhere in the building, and more.

The sudden collapse of a building because of water in the walls, means the water has accumulated there for a period of time. Sometimes, it goes unnoticed and it becomes too late whereas, sometimes it is noticed but ignored. If you are unsure if there is water in the walls, signs like odor, discoloration, and molds are things that should be looked into. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Air Quality Express for all your water damage issues in Houston.

When you notice water in the walls, precaution needs to be taken. To guarantee your safety, you may consider leaving the house especially in a water emergency of floods is necessary. Turning off the fuse box before leaving is also important. After doing this, calling the insurance company and water damage services provider in Houston such as Air Quality Express is the next thing to do.

Other House Cleaning Tips

Other tips for cleaning the house after water damages are:

  1. Remove the water: this is the first step to cleaning the house up. In situations of a leaking pipe that you can see, maybe in the bathroom, shutting off of all water supply is first. Next will be to remove the water in the best way possible. If the water emergency is a storm, get rags, mops, and anything to dry it a little before the water damage services arrive. Then dry it out.
  2. Disinfectants: when there is a leaking pipe, for example, we are unsure where exactly the water is from. Therefore, disinfect the place when it is completely dry. This is advisable to get rid of bacteria. The water may have come from toilets and or sewers.
  3. Prevent molds: other than bacteria which are prevented with disinfectants, molds need to be prevented as well. If the place is not completely aired and dried out, molds start to grow as a result of too much moisture. Chemicals to prevent molds are available. When using these chemicals, gloves, and masks should be worn to protect eyes and skin.
  4. Throw damaged items out: Flood, for example, can destroy many things in a home especially electrical items. Throwing them in a place for recycling helps the environment.

Detecting water emergencies and doing something about them can go a long way. It can save lives and can save money and save important stuff too. Regular cleanup and checking of walls can prevent this too. Regular water damage services prevent mold, therefore, making your home a healthy and clean environment for your family.

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