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If you know you need The Woodlands Mold Cleanup, you need assistance right away. Air Quality Express can be of immediate assistance to you. If you want a bit more information before you call a company to help you deal with your mold issue, keep reading below. We’re happy to tell you all about our mold elimination services, and why we take such matters so seriously. Soon, you’ll see why we’re the best company to handle all of your mold cleanup needs.

Our team of highly trained experts can provide our suite of services to any home or business. Mold contamination can have severe health issues in the long term. We suggest contacting the best professional mold removers in The Woodlands. Quality Air Express will use the latest equipment to clean up your mold problem.

A company may offer to perform mold remediation services, but if they aren’t available at all hours, how can they help you? Emergencies tend to occur at the most unfortunate times. If you have to have a company on call, that should be Air Quality Express.

We’ll be there when the emergency arrives. We’ll be there right away, even if you don’t believe you’re having a crisis. We always offer same-day service, because air quality issues can become serious health matters if not treated soon enough.

In addition to fast service, you want to find a mold cleanup company that can do the job right. Simply wiping off the mold from the areas you can’t see won’t be enough to eradicate the problem truly. Our professional technicians will actually eliminate the presence of mold inside or outside your building. Additionally, our knowledge of mold means that we can give you tips on how to prevent the issue from occurring again.

And while a dedicated mold elimination company may be good at what they do, what if you need something else? It usually helps to have more than one trick up your sleeve. Air Quality Express doesn’t only eliminate mold from residential and commercial buildings.

We also perform countless other services designed to keep your air clean and your lungs safe. We go into more detail about our other services on our website. Here we’ll just explain the benefit of a company that offers a full suite of services: if you have pervasive issues, we can help.

What Else Could Go Wrong?

Air Quality Express can inspect the building and try to find a cause for the mold. Then, if possible, we can even fix that issue. Sometimes, the thing that causes your indoor air quality issue (mold) is, in fact, another air quality issue.

If your mold infestation is the result of an issue with your HVAC system, for example, we can make some adjustments to prevent another mold problem from occurring. A company solely devoted to mold removal might instead just suggest that you find another company that can perform the service you really need.

How Do We Clean Up Mold?

Air Quality Express can eliminate your mold growth problem, rest assured. One of the first things that we do when we arrive at your location is to test the indoor air quality. That way, we can identify how far the problem has escalated, as well as possibly identify the true source of the outbreak. Mold spores can release into the air and spread throughout the building and even into your lungs. That’s part of what makes a mold infestation so deadly.

We remove mold from the affected areas with specialized tools. Mold could be present on the exterior and interior walls, in crawlspaces, and in cabinets. Sometimes, you may not even be able to tell just by looking that you have mold in your home. That being said, it’s helpful to have an air quality test done every now and then just to stay on the safe side.

The state of Texas, in particular, is prone to mold growth because of the humid climate and moisture level. As if the weather wasn’t enough, your air conditioner, sinks, and other such areas present mold with plenty of opportunities to pop up indoors. That’s why regular mold testing is advised for all building owners, no matter whether commercial or residential.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Mold?

We strongly advise you to take care of any detected mold issues as soon as possible. In the worst cases, mold exposure has caused death. Other physical ailments include various sicknesses and allergy symptoms. Mold spores can enter your lungs and even your bloodstream, where they will wreak havoc on your internal organs. Black mold is especially harmful, but all forms of this fungus have similarly-detrimental effects.

Additionally, your furniture and equipment will suffer from mold damage if you let it sit around too long. While Air Quality Express does, in fact, offer damage restoration services, you would probably prefer not to restructure your home due to mold infestation.

Call Us ASAP!

As stated many times before in this post, mold is a very serious issue. Not only is mold unsightly, but it’s also severely damaging to humans and property alike. But mold cleanup doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’ve been saving money to afford a massive mold removal job, call Air Quality Express for an estimate. We’re sure you’ll be surprised at how much sooner you could’ve taken care of your problem.

Air Quality Express is here to help. Regardless of how or when the mold developed, we can offer our services. As one of the best restoration companies in the Houston TX area, we’re apt at identifying and elimination mold following water damage or an emergency.

However, we’re also familiar with the process of gradual mold overgrowth during a non-emergency as well. We can remove any type of mold you have on your property, and you’ll soon be able to breathe easy again. Call (832) 781-0105 for same-day service or contact us online if you have any questions. Whenever you need The Woodlands Mold Cleanup, call Air Quality Control right away.

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