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When you’re looking for Sugar Land mold removal companies, make sure you select a company that knows what they’re doing. For one, mold “removal” isn’t the most accurate term. In reality, you’re hoping for mold remediation at best. A company that offers to get rid of all of the mold in and near your home in one go probably doesn’t have the correct knowledge on mold removal. Mold is a naturally-occurring fungus that is never 100% eliminated. Our job is to get the presence of mold down to healthy levels, and we know how to do just that. You can trust Air Quality Express actually to take care of your mold and to do so as soon as possible.

What Our Service Includes

As any reputable mold removal company should, we undergo a multi-step process to reverse the mold overgrowth in your home. Below, we’ll describe this process in more detail to give you a better picture of what it’s going to look like to get rid of the mold in your building.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The first thing to do, even when we can’t physically see the mold on your property, is to perform an indoor air quality check. By testing the air, we can more accurately identify the presence of mold, as well as the severity of the issue. A regular indoor air quality check is a great idea. Every building has some presence of mold, but you want to ensure that it doesn’t pose a health risk. Like with any other evaluation, this routine task can stop air quality issues in their tracks, mold, or otherwise.

When you have an air quality issue besides or in addition to the presence of mold, we can offer any number of solutions for you. As indoor air quality experts, we’re able to perform needed services to your carpet, HVAC system, and other areas of your home. For example, the presence of other allergens and contaminants likely indicates that your air ducts need to be cleaned. Air Quality Express is a licensed air duct cleaning company, and we can restore your air quality completely with this service. Unfortunately, mold isn’t the only thing that can ruin your air quality. We’ll let you know whether or not we detect something else foul in the air, and we can help you take care of it.

Mold Elimination From Source Areas

After testing the air quality, our technicians will have a better idea of the source location and severity of the mold in your home or business. Using that information, we can begin to locate the mold and eradicate it from those exact areas.

Unfortunately, the process of eliminating mold from a building involves getting rid of furniture, flooring, and more. However, unless you are willing to part with these materials, the mold may not fully recede.

Fortunately for those who do require this sort of overhaul, our technicians are pros at restoration work. We typically offer our restoration services as a means to repair fire or water damage, but massive mold overgrowth might require this as well. For example, past water damage may have caused extensive mold damage beneath your carpeting. We try to prevent issues such as this through our restoration services, but late is better than never in any case.

Mold Removal From Walls and Crawlspaces

Our team can get rid of any type of mold present on the interior or exterior of your building, from mildew to black mold and beyond. We’ll remove the mold from your walls, crawlspaces, and other popular mold growth areas. Though the mold may have originated from some other area, as we identified in the previous step, mold spreads fast. As such, it’s essential to get rid of the mold, no matter where it is present.

Air Quality Express also offers professional cleaning services, which may or may not be required in order to eliminate your mold issue truly. For example, a thorough carpet or rug cleaning might do the trick. We also offer attic cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and more. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a mold issue to request these services! Routine cleaning can keep the dangerous fungi at bay and prevent more destructive problems in the future.

Basement and Attic Mold Elimination

When your home has a basement or attic, it’s essential to check these areas for visible mold or mold spores. In addition to all of the above actions, we can also provide an added follow-up measure, when necessary. Air Quality Express installs attic insulation on properties, in addition to other indoor air quality services. Proper insulation can significantly reduce the likelihood of a recurrent mold issue. Good insulation maintains the appropriate temperature levels and keeps moisture out of your attic, which prevents mold from growing there. Poor insulation can be one of the causes of your current mold problem, so consider letting our team put a stop to this issue by re-insulating your attic.

Call Us Right Away, and We’ll Be There The Same Day!

Mold is a serious matter and should be treated as such. That’s why we have a representative available at all hours. We can dispatch a team to your location to service your indoor air quality emergency. Air Quality Express is a full-service indoor air quality company. Therefore, we can perform any service you need to eliminate or even prevent a mold issue. As stated, we service both residential and commercial buildings. And even better, our services are affordable! This makes it easy to take a proactive approach to mold remediation.

So why not just rely on the company that you know will always be there for you? You can reach Air Quality Express by dialing (832) 781-0105 or by contacting us online. When you need the right service, we’re the ones who will answer your call when the other Sugar Land mold removal companies aren’t available.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

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  • Sugar Land is the home of many movie stars and professional athletes.
  • This city has had five city halls.
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