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For homeowners living without Sugar Land fiberglass insulation, the time to change that is now. And Air Quality Express is here to help with the transition. There are certainly a lot of different choices when it comes to proper attic insulators. You can use spray foam or even wool. However, when it comes to dealing with the elements of South Texas and the financial aspects, it begins to narrow down your options.

That is a significant reason why we believe that fiberglass insulation is the best for your home. It’s cost-effective and abundant all over the state. Air Quality Express can also provide you with the cleaning and installation services, as well. We have a great team with over ten years of experience, and they can perform the job fast, safe, and efficiently. Our process is valid and will not keep you from enjoying the rest of your day.

What Is Fiberglass?

The term fiberglass is essentially threading. More specifically, it is a collective of silicon (glass) fibers that resemble threads. The thread is woven into a thick, dense material called a batt. This is one of the most common ways to insulate a home. However, its not the only form, and the fibers which are quite soft can be used in loose fill or blown in. Typically loose-fill fiberglass can come with up to 70% recycled glass. This is an especially useful material to use for insulation because of its resistive properties. Fiberglass is non-flammable, and with the right amount of thickness, it can also be water-resistant, too. It is useful for insulation because of the added protection from moisture and accidents from extreme heat.

Installation Process

The method that we will be using depends purely on the structure of your house. For large open attics without a lot of sharp corners or irregular forms, you may be able to simply put out a layer of batts until it is thick enough to be secure. However, when there are more abstract cuts and turns, the batts will be useless. At that point, it will be much more comfortable using loose-fill or blown-in fiberglass to fill all of the space in your attic.


As we discussed, loose-fill is a powdery snow-like form of fiberglass. It is the sediment that will be used in a similar way to stuffing a pillow or furniture. This is one of the more straightforward methods to use when you have a lot of uneven or abstract angles in your home, and a batt cannot be used to fill the space accurately.


Another method that can be applied for your attic is to blow the material into the attic. It must be done with precision, and there has to be a gauge ensuring that the thickness meets the R-value that was designated for the home. To do so, we will place the large pressure hose into the attic and begin filling it out. This is the most hands-free approach, and our product will start to settle after time passes. It will continue to remain the same thickness that we agreed upon!

Risks & Hazards

You have a lot of benefits to fiberglass insulation, from the price to the quality of the material. Whether it’s fiberglass insulation or air duct cleaning, when you’re not careful, it could either be really dangerous or really inefficient. We highly recommend that users who need attic insulation do not try to do it themselves. The reason being is for the potential problems that can arise. While it may appear like a simple task, the fiberglass must be placed with the utmost precision.

If it is not placed correctly, then you can experience a decrease in efficiency by as much as 25% percent, even when it is off by just a few inches. This is why a professional team such as Air Quality Express is better qualified for the job. Our experience allows us to fulfill the task without any complications. This is extremely important for fiberglass insulation because not only does it need correct placement, it can be toxic to the user.

Although fiberglass may appear softer and even like a piece of fabric, these fibers are actually little shards of glass. As a result, contact with your skin, your lungs, or your eyes, could cause life-threatening issues. This is especially true for the loose-fill fiberglass, which is wholly made of particulates. At the very least, you may experience irritation, cuts, and long term problems from inhaling the fiberglass particles. A professional installer must perform this task because they have the protective equipment necessary to stay safe.

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Call us at (832) 781-0105 today! Our work is unmatched, and the job that we provide ensures that your insulation will last you for years to come. Air Quality Express aims to do the job fast and efficiently, so you don’t have to lose any more time out of your day. Home improvement is essential, and it goes beyond surface-level cleaning. Your home’s insulation can take off 10-15% from your electric bill when it is done correctly.

Fortunately, Air Quality Express is capable of handling all of your insulation needs. Therefore, when you’re looking to reach one of our representatives to start the insulation, you can contact us or visit our website to begin the process. Of course, we can do far more than just insulate your attic, and you can inquire about this to our customer service at any time. Otherwise, let us know how we can be of any assistance. Preparing your home for the summer and winter is just as important as spring cleaning! No matter what, we are always happy to provide clients with Sugar Land fiberglass insulation.

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