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If you need Spring Air Duct Cleaning service, call Air Quality Express. We specialize in all forms of indoor air quality optimization, and cleaning your air ducts is a great way to start. One great thing about your air ducts is that you don’t have to clean them excessively to maintain excellent air quality. The downside to this is that some home- or business owners forget that air ducts do need to be regularly cleaned. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to tell when it’s time to have your air ducts professionally serviced.

When you start to notice more dust on your furniture than usual, it’s probably time to call us to clean your ducts. That being said, you may not have to wait until it’s time to dust. The air vents themselves will also have dust on them, clueing you in that it’s time for cleaning.

If you’ve put off getting your air ducts clean, you don’t have to wait any longer now that you’ve found Air Quality Express.

About Our Spring Air Duct Cleaning Service

Cleaning your air ducts is something that we take very seriously, and you should know as well. While ducts are relatively low maintenance, neglect can cause severe consequences. Dirty air ducts are a large contributor to poor air quality in a home or workspace. That being said, your air ducts can impact your health greatly. If you notice that you, a family member, or frequent guest experiences heightened allergy symptoms in your home, dirty air ducts may be the cause. Other health issues can include lung and heart issues, breathing problems, and even intense sickness.

The serious nature of this issue is just one of the many reasons we found it beneficial to offer you same day service for air duct cleaning. Our cleaning technicians are fast to arrive and also perform the work quickly. We work as efficiently as your HVAC system will once we’ve cleaned your air ducts! Once we’ve done our job, you may notice reduced energy bills, as well. That because a clean air duct system improves the efficiency of the furnace or air conditioner overall.

Our Process

Thanks to our process, we can quickly and effectively clean your air ducts without negatively impacted the air quality of other areas of your home. We don’t push the dust and dirt to other rooms—we don’t even dispose of the buildup inside of your home! Instead, our truck-mounted vacuum sucks the dust completely out of the building. Before vacuuming, we use a combination of mechanical and manual methods to loosen the buildup from the vent walls. This ensures that the vacuum gets all of the debris.


Our technician will also perform an inspection of your air duct and HVAC systems. It’s important to check for leaks to make sure that you get all of those energy benefits we mentioned previously. Your air conditioning will cost you more, even after cleaning, if those leaks aren’t sealed up. The dust may have been sealing the leaks previously, but your cooling system will have to work harder once that blockage is gone. Fortunately, we double-check to make sure your air duct is in good shape before we depart.


Our deodorizer is 100% safe and will freshen the air in your home. You may not have even noticed that the air in your home carried a certain odor, especially if it’s been that way for quite some time. While not all of these scent-carrying particles are harmful, restoring clean air includes scent as well. For a few minutes, the deodorizer may cause a bit of irritation. You can stay outside for a little while, then return inside to what feels and smells like an entirely new home. However, deodorization is optional.


If all goes well, you’ll only need an air duct cleaning. However, you may require more extensive air duct services. Some homeowners call Air Quality Express when their HVAC systems aren’t running as efficiently. They may assume that all that is needed is a bit of cleaning, but the issue is more severe. However, that doesn’t mean they wasted time calling us! Our technicians can also perform repair service! Furthermore, we can replace your air ducts if it comes to that. We have over 10 years of experience working with air ducts, including cleaning, repair, and installation. We know how to service your air ducts, no matter what issues may arise.

Our Other Services

You can learn more about how we clean air ducts by visiting our website. There, you can also learn more about our specials and other services. As you’ll see, we offer a complete suite of services for improving your indoor air quality. Our services include:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold elimination
  • UV Light (cleaning)
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Replacement Air Filters
  • and more!

Anything you need related to improving the quality of your indoor air, Air Quality Express can help. Furthermore, we provide these services around the clock, even on Sunday. Additionally, you can be that Air Quality Express will be there right away if you’re having an air quality emergency and need immediate service.

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