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Why Choose Our Attic Cleaning & Restoration Services

When you hire Air Quality Express to clean and restore your attic, you’re choosing to hire local expertise with years of experience. Our dedicated team of professionals go above and beyond so you will share about your amazing attic cleaning experience for years to come!

attic restoration service by AQE Attic Cleaning & Restoration

Is your attic a source of stress? Dust, debris, and poor air quality got you worried? You’re not alone. Many homeowners in Texas face the same issue, but we’re here to transform your attic into a clean, safe, and energy-efficient space!

Discover Our Quality Transformation

We specialize in comprehensive attic cleaning and restoration services that tackle the core issues affecting your home’s air quality and safety. Our expert team is equipped with advanced tools and techniques to ensure a thorough cleaning process that removes dust and debris, rodent droppings, mold and mildew, and insulation issues.

before and after attic cleaning and restoration from Air Quality Express


A Closer Look at Our Process


  1. Inspection:

    A detailed assessment to identify specific issues in your attic. Our Certified Technicians comb through your attic and associated air ducts to find any signs of contamination such as rodent droppings, mold growth, cracks, holes, and gaps in your attic.  Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will schedule an appointment with you to complete the next step in the process; Attic Cleaning.

  2. Cleaning:

    Our professional team will use specialized equipment like vacuums and disinfectant sprays to clean and sanitize the area thoroughly. We remove insulation, garbage, contaminants from animals and insects as we prep for the 3rd stage of the process; Restoration.

  3. Attic Restoration:

    Our attic restoration process includes: repairing and restoring insulation, ventilation, and other essential elements to enhance air quality and energy efficiency. We seal off any gaps in the barrier, repair any broken or damaged elements and renew the insulation with either blow in or batt insulation.

    Blown-in Insulation

    Blown-in Insulation is the most common. It’s performed in homes with average ceiling heights and shapes. In this process, a truck-mounted machine blows fiberglass insulation into your attic. Upon completion, our team will thoroughly inspect the attic to ensure every inch has been insulated.

    Batt insulation

    Batt insulation on the other hand, is used in ceilings with unusual heights or diagonal shapes. This insulation is rolled in and hand-installed, requiring the installers to cut each piece to perfectly fit the sides of your attic. The batt insulation installation process is a hands-on approach and requires a much longer time.

    Air Quality Express does not perform foam insulation installations, as we believe foam insulation often negatively affects the ventilation of a home’s A/C system and can lead to recurring mold issues.


Real Results for Real Homeowners

Imagine an attic that’s not just clean but contributes to a healthier, safer living environment. Our services promise enhanced air quality, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

Hear from One Of Our Many Satisfied Customers

“Arrived on time, respectful of my home.
They provided high quality efficient service. Kept me informed with step by step instructions while performing the cleaning. Highly recommend”

— Kim F, Google Review

Ready for a Cleaner, Safer Attic?

Don’t let attic issues affect your home and health. Take the first step towards a cleaner, safer living environment today! Our team is ready to assess, clean, and restore your attic to its prime condition. Experience the transformation that countless homeowners in Texas are raving about!

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