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Are you looking for a Rosenberg attic insulation business? Air Quality Express can provide you with the finest installation that is safe and secure. We won’t force any sort of charges or attach strings that tangle you in commitments. Our work is fast and efficient so that we are a convenient part of your day. Repairs are never that exciting, but when you go through our repair crew, we will make sure that it is out of the way before you can even get tired of it!What’s even better is our work will be of the highest quality. We have very experienced crew members who have a lot of training at the professional level. Their ability to assess a house and apply the proper insulation is impeccable. They can also ensure that your home will be free from the issues that can cause it harm. Insulation can bring a lot of benefits that people may not have thought of before. We will be happy to clear up your concerns!

The Best Material To Use For Rosenberg Attic Insulation

When it comes to a southern coastal town with high heat and humidity, there are only a few ideal choices. You wouldn’t want to use any flammable materials, of course. So naturally mineral wool and styrofoam are not good options for this kind of area because of that. However, that still leaves a few great options. The following are available for insulation in homes in the south due to several great features. If you are interested in one of these materials, let us know, and we can confirm if it will be best for your home specifically.


The benefits of fiberglass begin at the price tag. It is very abundant, easy to manufacture and apply. Currently, it is one of the most popular options to use for insulation. It has good fire resistance as well as moisture protection. In terms of R-value, the degree of protection from heat loss, a value of 2.8 to 3.6, is expected. This is a decent rate and certainly worth the price. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY material. While it could be dangerous to install without proper equipment. However, since we have the correct gear at the ready, our team can perform this without a problem!


While it may be a little more expensive than fiberglass, this option is a great choice for those that want to be eco-friendly. This material is made primarily of recycled material and therefore provides a much lighter carbon footprint. Additionally, it has a better heat transfer rating that averages around R-3.3 and can also create a decent sound barrier. This is a good choice for the south because it has good properties for fire resistance and water resistance. Although a word to the wise, it can cause allergies to spike as it is made with newspaper materials that have been known to trigger symptoms in residents before. Otherwise, it is a great option to be used in your home.

Polyurethane Foam

Possibly the best material on the market right now, Polyurethane Foam, is a very effective insulator. The reason being is due to closed cell formation of molecules that keep the foam very sturdy. It is naturally fire-resistant and becomes water-resistant when the thickness reaches a certain level. The material is easy to apply, and the sprayer that is used actually helps prevent further damage to the Ozone layer. This is one of the most expensive materials, but it can provide the best protection from moisture and heat. Relative to the options above, it has a far higher R-value of 6.3. This means that you can expect the best control of temperature with this material.

Once again, contact us for installation and let us know what material you’re looking for! All of these materials will do great in the summer heat, and they can be supplied by Air Quality Express. Insulation is an important feature that can protect you and your house from damage. In order to get the best job, make sure you are the most informed, and you work with the best team. That will only be through Air Quality Express.

Why Get A Rosenberg Attic Insulation?

While we discussed the heat protection that insulation provides, there are a few other benefits to mention. These will follow the range of issues that plague houses most. Those will generally consist of air conditioning issues and mold build-up. These are two of the most expensive and irritating issues. The reason ACs have difficulty in the heat is due to the amount of stress they are under trying to lower the temperature. Since they aren’t supposed to function in 100+ temperature, they can breakdown quite easily and get drained faster. As a result, insulation ensures that the house experiences lower temperatures even though it is still just as hot outside. This reduces the stress on the AC and allows it to function normally even in extreme conditions. This, in turn, reduces your utility bills!The other benefit is that it keeps moisture from building up. When water and humidity get into the home, the heat of the south creates a perfect setting for fungal and bacterial growth. This is one of the most dangerous situations because it can be toxic if it grows in large degrees. Furthermore, it will be expensive either way to get rid of it. This is why you want insulation that is water-resistant and protects from this sort of growth. It will save you in the long run, Air Quality Express will guarantee it!

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    • During the 1880s residents, all lived in tents
    • Nicknamed Mud town for all of the dirt roads
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