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Our Pearland Duct Cleaning is just what you need if you’re having air quality issues in your residential or commercial space. You’re probably searching for duct cleaning services because you’ve already got a feeling that your systems need a thorough cleaning. A few key issues to look out for are related to your physical health.  You also have to be on the lookout for various risk factors that may or may not be present. Below, we’ll tell you how to tell if you have a possible air quality control issue and what Air Quality Express can do to help. You’ll soon be able to breathe clean air inside your home or workplace again!

Signs You Need Pearland Duct Cleaning

Your air quality isn’t apparent to the naked eye, but you can watch your environment to get an idea of the state of your building’s air quality. We can divide these clues into two distinct areas: “risk factors” and “symptoms.” Bear in mind that the presence of any of these factors doesn’t necessarily mean that your air quality is poor, but it’s a possibility. Similarly, the absence of any of these symptoms or risk factors doesn’t mean that your air quality if perfectly fine. If you’re ever in doubt (and you should be), let Air Quality Express test your air quality.


Certain environments are more prone to poor air quality than others. For example, people who smoke inside their homes, on average, have poorer air quality than those who do not. In fact, smoking travels with a person, and those toxins are likely to enter the home even if you smoke outdoors. Similarly, pet owners tend to have more air quality issues. While a pet who always stays indoors does increase this risk a bit, an animal that frequently travels outside is likely to carry contaminants back into the house.

While not necessarily a risk factor, young children are a special consideration. If you have children in your home or work with them in your building, proper air quality is non-negotiable. Young children are especially prone to health issues related to poor air quality. For one, they are generally closer to the ground, particularly if they are still at the crawling stage, where a lot of unseen contaminants fall. Secondly, their immune systems aren’t as strong as adults’, and therefore they can’t afford to be exposed to those bacteria and germs, especially for a prolonged period of time.

All that being said, if you’re a smoker with pets and children, plan to test and treat the air in your home regularly. Air Quality Express offers affordable services, so you don’t have to sacrifice personal responsibility and family safety to save money. In fact, you’ll save more money with Air Quality Express than you might if you were not to clean your carpet and air ducts regularly.


Whether or not any of the above factors are present, knowing what to look out for can help a great deal when it comes to determining whether you have an air quality problem. Your indoor air can drastically affect your physical state, which in turn can have a big impact on your mental state. As such, pay attention to your body and the bodily reactions of those around you, especially over a period of time. If you spend most of your time in your home or at work, the culprit might be the air quality at either of those locations.

One of the most obvious indicators that you need professional air duct cleaning is the development of tiny bites on your skin. If you or a loved one looks as though you’ve been bitten by an insect, but you spend the majority of your time indoors, you might have dust mites at your location. The other symptoms of dust mites include the signs of allergies; red eyes, runny nose, etc. You might also feel itchy.

Allergies can flare up in a building with poor air quality, with or without the presence of dust mites. That’s because there could be several different types of germs and bacteria floating around the area. If your allergies bother you the most when you’re indoors, that’s probably an air quality issue.

What Can We Do?

The great thing about Air Quality Express is that we have the capacity to solve your air quality issues through a variety of means. Of course, one of those most common ways that we do this is through our air duct and dryer vent cleaning. For our duct cleaning process, we use a truck-mounted system to transport the debris out of your building fully. Your ducts will seem brand new, not just in terms of appearance, but in regards to functionality as well. Our technicians perform a full inspection of your duct system to identify any structural issues, such as air leaks. If requested, we also perform mold remediation services at a reasonable cost. If fact, all of our services come at a reasonable cost, so there’s no reason not to handle all of your air quality issues as soon as possible!

Other Services

As briefly mentioned, we know more than one trick when it comes to solving air quality issues. Specifically related to air duct cleaning, we also have the equipment and capacity to repair or replace your system. Sometimes, it’s a safer option to replace the system than to perform excessive repairs. A new duct system will likely perform much better than your current ducts, especially with the installation of our new electrostatic air filters. This will keep your air clear for longer than the standard air filters would.

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