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If you are in the search for Pearland Duct Cleaning Services, then you’ll want to check out the great services Air Quality Express has to offer. We take pride in offering the best air duct cleaning services in the and near the Greater Houston Area. In addition to our vent cleaning process, we also offer regular furnace maintenance and dryer vent cleaning services. Whether commercial buildings or residential homes in Pearland, TX, we offer the highest quality of services in the industry. Above all, we aim to help our clients get clean air in their homes and offices.Cleaning your air ducts is recommended to prevent the housing of bacteria, germs, mold fungi, and dust mites. A dirty air duct system will pollute the air you and your family breath in. In fact, there is scientific proof that exposure to air pollutants can lead to serious chronic health issues. Some of the possible health issues are asthma, heart disease, fatal brain growth damage, and suppressed lung growth. Here at Air Quality Express, our goal is to provide the best air quality services in the area in order to help clients live a long and healthy life. So don’t hesitate and call us today.

Quality Same Day Service

One of the best things about Air Quality Express is our exceptional customer service. The importance we place on customer service comes from our belief that great customer service leads to great rates of customer satisfaction. As a result, we ensure that we always put our clients above all else. Our professional technicians will ensure that every client receives the best professional and quality customer service. As dedicated experts in the field, we can’t wait to look forward to providing the best customer service around.

What the Process Consists Of

Our process for cleaning air ducts includes many parts. For one, we cut a hole in the duct to approximate to the furnace. This enables us to connect the vacuum line to our truck properly. We then go ahead and cover every register, preventing dust and dirt from escaping into the home. For every register in line, we put a skipper ball down. After this, an air jet gun will blow the skipper ball through the air duct. The skipper ball will bounce around, hitting every side of the system and slackening off the debris. It will then be pulled out automatically into the removal truck through the vacuum line.

If the customer requests it, we will also apply the deodorizer to every register once we finish the cleaning process. This may cause be a temporary breathing problem, but we assure you that it is completely safe. You will need to stay away from the area for a few minutes.If you are wondering whether or not you should clean your air duct system, wonder no more. The answer is a resounding yes, as these systems can get very dirty over time. Additionally, they have the potential to contain large amounts of dust and dirt particles. Here at Air Quality Express, we offer the duct cleaning services around and at very competitive prices.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Duct Systems

If you are ready to improve the quality of indoor air in your home or business. It may be time to call a team of professionals. With Air Quality Express, you’ll receive high-quality services that will help you get the most out of your AC or furnace. We specialize in residential and commercial air duct cleaning services. These types of services will not only extend the life of your appliances, but they will also improve the functionality and efficiency of your system. Here are some of the many reasons why you should clean your dryer and air ducts.

Save Money

By removing dust and debris from your air vents and air duct systems, you’ll greatly reduce the energy consumption rates. Consequently, you’ll save a significant amount of money on your monthly bill, which will add up in the long run. If you are aiming to become more financially responsible, this would be a good start to your goal. By having clean air ducts, you’ll be saving money on extra costs that aren’t doing much for you or your home.

Improve Health

The air quality of a home is extremely important when it comes to the household’s health. Things such as dust, air contaminants, and other toxic substances like mold and mouse waste are regularly found in the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. When the airflow in the air vents isn’t cleaned out on a regular basis, these contaminants will be emitted in your home and could cause significant illnesses.

Increase System Durability

Around 9 out of 10 heating and air conditioner systems will malfunction or fail to work due to a lack of maintenance services. Just like other machines, these systems need to be frequently serviced and maintained properly. One thing we like to share with our clients is that maintenance costs are much less expensive than having to replace an entire system.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Nobody wants to have a home that smells bad. This is not only embarrassing, but it is also a very terrible way to live in your home. If your home has a musty scent to it, it may indicate the presence of dust, fungi, or milder in your air ventilation systems. Unfortunately, these odors cannot be removed with the use of air fresheners. The best course of action when it comes to removing bad odors is hiring professional help to clean your air ducts. If you are tired of the way your home smells, contact Air Quality Express today.

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Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Two devastating hurricanes wiped out the city’s once-famous fruit trees.
  • Originally named “Mark Belt.”
  • Pearland is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities.
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