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Air Quality Express is a mold inspection and testing company that provides full mold remediation services in the Pasadena area. If you suspect mold and mildew is growing in your home, we first recommend scheduling an on-site inspection where one of our experienced mold inspectors can come out and inspect the property to identify where the mold and mildew may be growing in your home.
Once our trusted Pasadena mold inspector arrives to your home, they can then begin to perform a very detailed and comprehensive visual inspection that will focus primarily on identifying and looking for potential signs of mildew and water damage.
When the detailed visual inspection has been completed. Our trusted certified mold inspector will begin to gather samples that will then be sent to the labs. This is important because the mold sample results will be able to identify which type of mold is present in your home since various types of mold may require different handling procedures. If necessary, our mold inspector can also perform tests indoor air quality to identify if there are mold spores in the air.

Understanding Mold Removal

Not everyone understands just how mold removal and water damage repair works. Yet the two are vital to overall indoor air quality and health of your home’s occupants. Below we’ll go a little in-depth as far as the entire process.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Mold Removal Contractor

Mold occurrence is a serious issue in any home or business premises. In many cases, mold grows in areas that are difficult to access (like attics, roofs, behind appliances, etc). For that reason, it is important to get a licensed professional to perform mold removal services. Unfortunately, many homeowners in a bid to cut a deal will use unlicensed contractors just because they are the cheapest. This is a grave mistake as these contractors usually cut corners and do not do a thorough job. As a result, mold may recur in the future causing even more extensive damage.

Mold Removal Process

The first step in the mold removal process is hiring the right mold removal company. Secondly, it’s important to understand the process that is needed when performing a mold removal job. Contracting with an experienced licensed mold remediation professional that know the importance of a safe, thorough procedure, which includes: 
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mold removal houston
water damage restoration
  • Using Adequate Protective Gear for Mold Removal

Mold clean-up exposes you to potentially hazardous spores. Mold spores are microscopic and can become airborne easily. Inhalation of these spores could result in respiratory issues and other health problems. Our technicians wear vinyl/neoprene gloves, N-95 respirators, and a protective suit during the job.
  • Preventing Water Leak

Our technicians locate the source of water leak, stop the leak and completely dry the contaminated area. 
  • Isolating the Affected Area

We close all the windows and doors between the affected area and other rooms. Our technicians also cover the doorways and other openings using 6 mil polyethylene sheeting. Additionally, seams of the sheeting will be sealed with duct tape during the mold removal. With proper containment procedure, our technicians ensure that mold spores are not being spread further.
  • Suppressing Dust

To ensure that microscopic mold spores are not becoming airborne during the job, our technicians clean the affected areas using a special detergent and mist the air. Additionally, HEPA vacuums are used at the dust source.
  • Removing Porous Materials

Our technicians remove mold-damaged porous materials completely and use 6mil thick double plastic bags to discard them. These bags are then taken out via usual trash disposal after wiping down with an adequate detergent.
  • Cleaning Contaminated Areas

Once the damaged porous materials are removed, the remaining surfaces in the affected area are fully sanitized by our technicians. We uproot the mold colonies by scrubbing the surfaces thoroughly using wire brushes. Then the affected area is cleaned with detergent and damp rags. The cleaning materials are then disposed of. If there is high contamination, our technicians clean the area using HEPA vacuum.
  • Drying the Surfaces Quickly

After Cleaning, the contaminated area will be dried rapidly using fans and dehumidifiers.
  • Replacing the Materials

Finally, our technicians will replace or repair all the removed or mold-damaged materials. If the replacement is beyond our expertise, Air Quality Express can recommend a reliable contractor for the job.

Air Quality Express – Pasadena Mold Removal Experts

Mold removal is an intricate process which needs expertise. Mold may come back if you try to remove it on your own. The best thing you can do for eradicating spores from your home is to hire a licensed and experienced contractor.

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We have been in the mold removal business for over 10 years. Call us today at (832) 781-0105 if you are looking for a trustable mold removal company in Pasadena.


Air Quality Express – Professional Mold Removal Services

Let’s make sure that your home is safe and clean!

Mold can be the deadliest among all the contaminants present within you building. Fungus overgrowth could adversely affect the indoor air quality and thereby cause serious health problems. We offer complete services associated with mold remediation. We not only eradicate the mold in your building, but also take required steps for preventing reappearance of mold in the future.

Indoor Air Quality Test

Mold is generally formed in hidden areas such as behind wallpaper. They may not be visible to the human eye either. Therefore, it is not wise to assume that there is no mold in your home or building. An indoor air quality test will help you identify if mold is present in your building and its location and amount. Contact Air Quality Express for a proper analysis.

Mold Removal

Our team will deal with all forms of mold that may be present in crawlspaces, walls, and other surfaces including the basement, cabinets, attic, ducts and the AC unit. Air Quality Express technicians can also remove airborne mold spores.

Mold removal process may differ based on the severity of contamination. Though mold generally doesn’t cause damage to the structure, it is always better to remove the mold at the earliest because the elimination process is likely to be less intensive in the primary stages. Air Quality Express offers round-the-clock emergency indoor air quality services. Let’s fix your mold-related issues as soon as possible.

Mold Prevention

Air Quality Express is a full-service air quality control business. We have all the tools to prevent mold growth. We can also suggest you preventive measures to be taken in order to keep mold from your building. Additionally, we offer services such as air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and carpet cleaning. Let’s help you maintain superior indoor air quality by eliminating chances for mold growth in your building.

Air Quality Express Mold Removal Steps

Professional Mold Remediation in Pasadena?

If you think that your building requires mold remediation or water damage restoration, contact Air Quality Express through phone or email. Call us today at (832) 781-0105 for high-quality mold removal services at an affordable cost. You can contact us any convenient time as we offer 24/7 mold remediation services