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The Necessity of Bellaire TX Air Duct Cleaning

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Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary 

If you’re having issues like skin itchiness and respiratory ailments especially during summer and winter, it might be caused by overheating or low temperature.

But if your HVAC is working fine and you’re setting the temperature right, the air getting into your space might be the culprit, and if after assessment by a professional, it’s been found that your air is dirty, then one of the places he will look into is the air ducts.

Recommended Service

Air Quality Express, an air duct cleaning and HVAC company located in Texas, can quickly determine if your suspicion is right. They are one of the few companies in the state that are experienced enough to know the problem right away and provide the quickest

solution possible in such situations.

Detrimental Indoor Condition and Health Risks

Any doubt that you have unclean air inside your home calls for an immediate assessment of the situation.

Otherwise, the situation might be subjecting the members of your family to health risks that can result to serious complications in the long run.

Health experts have found that in cases of air ducts that have not been attended to for many years, these conduits can:

  • Be harboring insects and rodents that leave their feces and urine on the metals and duct boards,
  • Be full of pet dander, dust, pollen and allergens,
  • Or have gaseous chemicals that can easily mix with air coming from the HVAC unit.

Air Duct Cleaning Cost Around Bellaire Texas

For this very important service, set aside at least $300, and depending on additional services, the total can reach up to $500.

That amount is not that much when compared to the danger you are exposing your family to due to unclean air ducts.


Air Duct Cleaning: Its Definition

A local duct work and also ventilation company like Air Quality Express focuses on cost-effective home and office air duct service. Duct cleaning generally refers to a cleaning service coming to your house & business and giving your forced air system heating and

cooling elements a thorough cleaning. Heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and the air handling housing unit diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts as well as the cooling and heating coils are their main focus.

If these elements are not cleaned, maintained and installed regularly, different pollen, dust as well as other debris might contaminate it. Areas with high humidity levels like Bellaire, Texas could also have problems with mold growth. Mold can invade these

elements that will serve as their gateway towards the air in your room, so better eliminate and clean. These common contaminant agents can cause respiratory difficulties or allergic reactions.

If one makes the choice to have your ducts cleaned, check your local firms like Air Quality Express in Bellaire, TX. We will handle all of the cleaning of your duct´s factors. We’re also fully certified and capable to do so. The air in your residential or commercial area

might get contaminated if the service company fails to clean every single elements of the ducts.

Our team of professionals at Air Quality Express in Bellaire, a city within the Houston metropolitan area, could also advise the usage of biocide in cleaning your air ducts. Microbes and also molds will surely kill through this. Having said that, every thing must get a

thorough cleaning just before these agents are applied to the area.

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