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Mold Inspection Houston

Mold spores are everywhere, and finding the perfect spot helps them quickly grow out of control. Don’t let mold growth take over your home or business. Instead, call for a mold inspection of your Houston property and get rid of mold fast.

Why Houston Buildings Support Mold Growth

Humidity – Houston has an average of over 75% humidity throughout the year. These levels make it hard to get rid of mold and stop its growth.

Flooding – Periodic flooding from storms means building walls primed for mold growth. Unfortunately, these walls often do not properly dry, which promotes mold growth.

Building Damage – Hurricanes and other natural disasters damage buildings so that they no longer effectively seal, which allows more mold and water in.

What is Mold?

mold inspection houston
mold inspection in houston
Air Duct Cleaning with mold

Mold is a microscopic spore that is everywhere indoors and outdoors. It enters your home or business through ventilation, windows, and even doors. It’s impossible to keep mold spores out of an enclosed space.

When mold finds an environment it considers ideal for growth, a colony forms. This environment is typically moist and warm. Common mold sites include the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and any area recently subjected to flooding.

There are many species of mold, and each mold growth will look different. Unfortunately, Houston hosts many species, so mold inspections are often necessary. From black mold to penicillium, it’s all hazardous to your health.

Conditions Adversely Affected by Mold



Lund Disease

Immune Suppression Disorders

Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Other Chronic Conditions

Mold Inspections in Houston

mold inspection houston

A mold inspection is the first step to ensuring a safe home or work environment. If you’ve seen mold, you need to call for a mold inspection in Houston. If you suspect mold, you can also have an inspection done.

A mold inspection in Houston typically starts at the areas of concern. This area can be a mold patch or an area that does not seem to dry. The inspector uses technology and experience to detect mold growth. Sometimes, mold growth is not visible and can occur inside walls.

Once your mold inspection in Houston is complete, you will know the extent of your mold problem. In addition, you will have a concrete idea of what you need to do to get rid of mold threatening your home or business.

Remediation to Get Rid of Mold

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Remediation is the process of restoring something, so in this case, it’s halting mold growth and getting rid of mold. In Houston, a mold inspection is the first step in the process of making a detailed plan.

  1. Mold inspection to figure out the extent of the damage to the Houston property
  2. Create a plan to tackle the mold growth
  3. Contain the mold to the specific area and stop the growth
  4. Air filtration for safety using specialized equipment
  5. Removal of mold
  6. Sanitizing the area
  7. Restoring any damaged mold areas

While the process may look extensive, how long it takes depends on the extent of the affected area and species of mold growth. It also depends on how long it takes to dry the area out, limiting future mold growth potential.

Checking After an Event

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Getting rid of mold is a concrete step, but you may still need more mold inspections in Houston. This is because the city experiences routine flooding and storms. These events encourage the growth of mold you must then get rid of.

Routine mold inspections in Houston are a fact of life. It’s the best way to protect your home, family, and employees. Fortunately, mold inspections in Houston are non-invasive and often faster than you think.

Don’t Let Another Day Pass

If you suspect mold growth in your Houston building, call today for a mold inspection. Mold grows easily and quickly in Houston, so don’t wait to get rid of mold. Proactive is the healthiest approach.

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