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Mold Inspection Houston

While you can tell it is in your home or place of business if you can see it, you cannot see the amount of the fungus that is actually present. The fact that it is visible is an indication of a much more extensive problem. The amount that is hiding within walls, ceilings, floors, and any number of other places can only be determined by a professional mold inspection.

The experts at Air Quality Express will perform a comprehensive inspection followed by the necessary mold testing to determine the extent of the infestation as well as the specific type of the fungus present. Contact Air Quality Express at 832 781-0105 or on the web at and let us begin the inspection and testing process.

When should a mold inspection be conducted?
  • Before you commit to the purchase of a new home/office building/apartment house, have a thorough professional inspection conducted to ensure that there is none present.
  • If the area that was exposed to water was not dried thoroughly and quickly – 24 to 48 hours after the water exposure occurred – then it has very likely formed.
  • When a house or building has been unoccupied for an extended period of time (several months or longer) colonization from humidity or water leaks may be present. If the dwelling is in an area of high humidity and warm temperatures, this increases the chances.
  • If it is visible in any area of the dwelling, then there is likely much more of it growing where it cannot be seen. There’s also a good chance that it may be present in other areas of the building as well.
  • If you have already experienced an infestation in the past and undergone remediation services, you will want to schedule regular professional inspections to ensure that the issue is not rearing its ugly head again. 
Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Mold Testing

If it has been discovered in your home or place of business, the next step is to have it professionally tested to determine the type and level of the infestation. Here are some points to keep in mind with regard to mold testing:

1. No matter how effective any remediation services have been, the fact is that carefully controlled testing conditions are necessary to accurately identify the type of fungus present, so results will vary widely. The necessary environment and conditions are extremely difficult to achieve in a home or office.

2. Due to the fact that the spores can exist in a wide variety inside any dwelling since they are airborne, there may be types of spores inside the dwelling that don’t necessarily indicate the presence of a specific type of mold.

3. Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not said any guidelines regarding an acceptable amount of the fungus in a dwelling, some organizations state that this makes testing less fan effective. They recommend instead that a trained professional inspect the dwelling for actual infestations. The testing can be conducted on actual samples.

mold inspection houston
Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston
What does mold inspection involve?

A professional mold inspection begins with a visual inspection of the dwelling. Some photographs may be taken, and a moisture meter may be used to check specific areas.
In some instances, if there is the possibility that mold may be present behind a wall, under carpeting, etc., then a small area of these may have to be breached in order to check for its presence. It may then be necessary for the inspector to remove more of the material to find the source of the moisture feeding the infestation.

Air Quality Express, 832 781-0105, is NADCA – Certified, fully licensed, and trained to provide you with comprehensive inspection and mold testing services. Our fully trained staff of professionals will inspect your home or office for its presence and determine the types and levels present, and provide all necessary services at affordable prices should an infestation be discovered. Contact us at 832 781-0105 with any questions you may have or fill out the information form online at to schedule an appointment right away.

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