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Are you looking for the highest quality Missouri City attic insulation? Well, when it comes to quality, there aren’t many other options better than Air Quality Express. Our crew will ensure that the finest installation of your insulation. With safety precautions and a highly trained, experienced team, the job is done fast and effectively. We will be happy to apply whatever type of insulation you believe is best for your home. This is a preference that is decided largely by climate and affordability. Regardless of the material, though, we will make sure it is applied right.

For the following article, we will describe why some options may be better for your home in Missouri City. Furthermore, we will also go over some of the methods we use to apply the materials and highlight why it should not be done on your own. This is a job that is supposed to save you a lot of money once it is done right. Therefore, make sure it is done right by professionals. That way, you’ll be able to save that money instead of spending it.

The Best Missouri City Attic Insulation Materials

There are several great options, but when you consider the best, you have to think about all of the features that it can possess and ultimately provide to you. This will regard things like flammability, and the material having proper sound and heat protective qualities. Even the water-resistance must be assessed when discussing the finest quality. With that said, there are three options that come to mind. The following are selected for their barrier insulation, R-value, exceptional features, and other unique aspects that may make them stand apart.

Fiberglass Insulation

This material is made from small fibers of glass (silicon) that are woven into a batt. The benefit of this material is that it is non-flammable and rather cheap to produce. The material can be used in all types of climates because of it’s versatile nature. It is not hard to come by and is considered to be one of the most common insulation materials used today. The R-value ranges from 2.8 to 3.6, and it will certainly serve your home well.


This is a material which is known more for its eco-friendly aspects. First and foremost, this is the most recycled material out of all of the insulation types. Therefore it will automatically be a better option for your home than some of the other types such as styrofoam or mineral wool. Since it has an R-value of 3.1 to 3.7, it is also more reliable than fiberglass and definitely easier to install. However, we’ll touch on that later on. This material has the ability also to create a decent sound barrier as well. It is slightly more expensive, but for a good reason.

In Terms Of Safety

Of course, you may be wondering what would be considered a difficult installation. This is why consultants urge homeowners not to apply their own attic insulation. For a long time, there were only options that appeared to be toxic and cause many severe problems for people. These ranged from toxins in the air to other damaging particles that would get released during the basic application. We will explain why some of the options above are safer and why others are not. Regardless, you will still get a great Missouri City insulation that will be far better than any existing insulation currently present. Our applications provide excellent heat barriers that are cost-effective for home improvement.

Cellulose Can Cause Allergies

Although it is the most ec0-friendly, that could end up being its downfall as well. Since a lot of the material is recycled, it comes from paper particles that have been known to trigger a lot of allergic reactions. It seems the same can occur for this insulation. Our crew usually has to wear some kind of mask when dealing with this just so that there isn’t irritation during the process. However, over time, it may cause more problems with the air quality than you may have intended.

Fiberglass Is Truly Harmful

One of the downsides about fiberglass is that it can create serious health problems for people who don’t install it properly or are around it for too long. Since it is made of glass, small shards are constantly falling off and being thrust into the air. In cases where you have open skin or open airways, the glass particles can cut your skin and even damage your lungs. The effects can be life-threatening as the glass is not capable of breaking down can be stuck in your eyes permanently. This is why all of our professionals must wear skin coverings, breathing equipment, and protective eyewear when installing.

We Still Get It Done Safely!

We have immense training and experience so no matter what material you select the job will get done to your utmost satisfaction. If you would like to order your service or call to learn more, our number is (832) 781-0105 but you can also visit our website, too. Just because it is difficult doesn’t mean we won’t get your Missouri City attic insulation done properly. We hope to hear from you soon!


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