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What are the benefits of a League City attic insulation? In an area that experiences such as extreme heat and humidity, the control of temperature in your home is not always easy. There is a lot of pressure on your air conditioner that may not be the most cost-effective for your energy consumption. Furthermore, the heat and moisture can be causing bigger problems than you may have previously thought. In order to protect your home and your finances, insulation is a great investment.

When it comes to home improvement, Air Quality Express will bring you superb service at excellent rates. We will ensure that your home gets the best treatment and is prepared for the hot summers and cool winters. Our crew consists of many fully trained and experienced professionals. Each of them has the proper certifications and necessary reviews needed to enter your home and apply the layers of insulation that is necessary. Many people think that it’s okay to perform these types of jobs on their own but that’s not the case at all. In fact, without the proper gear, it can be very dangerous. We’ll elaborate further on this in the following section.

Why Not Do It Myself?

While the materials may be accessible, and you may certainly be free to do it this weekend, it may not be the best idea. This is due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, the biggest concern is your health. For instance, let’s imagine that you were using fiberglass as attic insulation. This is a perfectly great choice and is actually one of the most common options for insulation currently on the market. However, it is lethal if not installed properly.

Health Factors

That’s because fiberglass is made of small thread-like glass fibers that can break into shards. These shards are very small and can cause serious problems if it comes into contact with your eyes, skin, and lungs. If you’re working and you get this into your eyes or lungs, you could suffer severe, even fatal injuries that could all be totally avoidable if you use professional care.

Our team will be able to perform the installation in a manner that is totally safe. Each of the members will have the proper gear and protective goggles that can keep the debris from contacting them. This ensures that the job is done fast and efficiently without any casualty. You will be able to have it done by the weekend, and still be able to enjoy the rest of your days.

Poor Installation of League City Attic Insulation

Another important fact to consider is even if the material you use is not lethal, it can be useless. That is, if it isn’t placed with the proper pressure or in the correct placement, it may not be as effective as it offers. This can be the case for Polyurethane foam which doesn’t become water-resistant until after 2 feet of foam. It can also be the case for any of the mineral wool batts that need to be put in a symmetrical order that keeps the density uniform.

Of course, when these issues are not addressed, the value of the material gets reduced. In the end, a high-quality material could only produce a fraction of the support that it was promised to provide. This is where the costs start to arise because issues such as a build-up of moisture, less protection from the heat, and ultimately more costly repairs to come. With Air Quality Express, your application will be done right the first time.

Benefits Of A Good Installation

As is the case with anything that is done correctly, there are many benefits and rewards that follow. That goes the same for attic insulation. When the level of thickness is correct, the density is maintained and the placement is done safely, you can find that the house receives a greater level of protection. This means better air quality, lower utility bills, prevention of mold build-up and a generally better quality of living altogether.

Better Air Quality & Lower Utility Bills

In the summer heat that League city experiences, the air conditioner is prone to suffering. They are not made to function in heat that surpasses 100 degrees. In truth, they are only supposed to support a range of 20 degrees, so the hotter it gets the less effective it is and it forces the unit to work harder. Over time, this can create a lot of issues that will culminate in a breakdown or stalling that will be costly to replace. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t brake, the electric bills are still far higher. This is due to how much more work it has to do. If you can add the insulation which ensures the temperature is lowered, then the stress put onto the unit will be less. As a result, you save more money and enjoy better air quality!

Prevention of Mold Build-Up

Another problem that League City and the rest of the Houston area has to deal with is humidity. In the coastal area, this type of moisture can be a real problem. That is especially so in the open spaces of your attic and your walls. When the heat begins to get too sweltering levels, and the moisture is simply overwhelming the house, the elements are perfect for fungal growth. In time, you could be dealing with high levels of spore growth and mold in the house. Depending on the type, it could even be fatal to be around. This could destroy your home, and even get you very sick or even potentially be fatal. This is why you should get Air Quality Express to install the proper insulation. We offer water-resistant material to protect from this build-up!

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