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Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services Katy

Houston is known for sporadic flash floods and other adverse weather events. These include hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms and torrential rain. Additionally, Katy also experiences freezing weather similar to what occurred in the first months of 2021. These events can cause catastrophic water  damage. At Air Quality Express, we understand that water damage can occur at any time, including outside of regular business hours. Our specialized water mitigation team is ready to respond to your emergency on very short notice. We provide emergency water damage restoration services in Katy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including most major holidays. We are also available during day and night.

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Quick Response Time

Water damage can occur at any time and without warning. This can be due to flash floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, torrential rain that causes leaking roofs and much more. Water damage can also occur due to burst or damaged pipes. When water damage occurs, time is of the essence. Any delays can exasperate the problem and result in even costlier repairs down the road. Due to health and structural implications, rapid action is needed. Contact us right away at 832-781-0105 and schedule a same-day appointment.

What to do and NOT do during Water Damage

Water intrusion is one of the most catastrophic incidences any home can experience. Whether its water leaks, intrusions, and sippage, it can lead to health problems due to mold growth. Water damage is also very disruptive because the home’s occupants have to temporarily vacate the home during the clean-up process.  But its also equally important to know what to do BEFORE our technicians arrive:
What Not to Do
We understand that customers want a quick solution. But in the process, here is a list of steps NOT to take because they may result in injury or further damage to your property:
  • DO NOT step into any standing water until the electricity has been turned off
  • DO NOT use a regular household vacuum cleaner to attempt to remove the water
  • DO NOT remove carpets, wallpapers without professional guidance
  • DO NOT USE any of your electrical appliances a licensed professional arrives
  • DO NOT unplug your electrical devices or appliances without professional help
  • DO NOT handle moldAvoid handling visible mold.
  • DO NOT try to retrieve water-soaked books from bookshelves


If you suspect the presence of a water leak in your home or office, you should act fast to avoid further damage. If left unattended, water can have catastrophic effects on health and property including:
  • Wooden furniture, and floor tiles
  • Wood can rot causing structural damage to the building
  • Electronic devices, equipment and appliances are destroyed
  • Destruction of the electrical wiring of the home or office
  • Mold growth which causes possible respiratory issues and other problems

Water Restoration in Katy by Air Quality Express

If you’ve experienced water damage from flooding or a burst pipe in Katy, you don’t have the luxury of time – you need to hire a professional water removal and restoration company right away to mitigate the effects of mold damage. Call Air Quality Express in Katy at (832) 781-0105 for a same-day water damage assessment and reclaim your home today.