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Katy Dryer Duct Cleaning

If you have been in search of quality Katy Dryer Duct Cleaning services, then you are going to love the Air Quality Express has to offer. Our professional dryer vent cleaning services are excellent for duct systems and drying times. Additionally, your dryer vent cleaning Katy, TX services, will clean your dryer, which can help prevent dryer fires. Therefore, it is imperative not to neglect air duct cleaning. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we are the best company when it comes to clearing blocked dryer vents in clothes dryers. Don’t hesitate and call Air Quality Express today.

In addition to dryer vent cleaning, we also offer furnace maintenance services. We are fully capable of servicing commercial buildings to residential homes in the Greater Houston area. Even more, our highly-qualified technicians always use the best tools available while adhering to the industry’s highest standards. Above all, we recommend that you clean your air ducts frequently because they can come to house bacteria, germs, mold, fungi, and dust mites.

Moreover, dirty air duct systems will risk your health by polluting the air that you and your loved ones breathe in. There is scientific proof that exposure to air pollutants leads to chronic illnesses. Some of the risks include suppressed lung growth, asthma, heart disease, fatal brain growth damage.

We Offer Same Day Service

One of the best things about our company is that we offer same-day cleaning services. Our experienced and qualified technicians will ensure that every client receives the most professional and exceptional customer service. This means that you won’t have to wait to have clean and fresh indoor air in your home or place of work. This is something that we provide because we know how important it is.

As a family-owned and operated business, we truly understand how important it is to keep your home safe and hygienic. Additionally, we do pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the industry. We look forward to offering you the best services in the market.

Why You Should Keep Your Dryer Clean

A dryer, like all machines, needs to be correctly maintained and serviced. Otherwise, you risk things such as malfunctions and dryer fires. By keeping your dryer vents clean and clear of lint, you’ll improve energy efficiency, which will save you money in the long run. Additionally, a clean dryer vent will help your dryer remain in good condition for many years to come. Here are some of the most important reasons to keep your dryer vents clean and serviced.

Save Tons on Energy Costs

One of the most important things, to become financially stable, is learning how to save money. This doesn’t just mean cutting off your coffee intake at Starbucks. There are many ways to cut unnecessary spending. One of those ways is by keeping your dryer vents clean and serviced. The reason for this is the amount of work dirty and clogged vents cause your dryer to do. When vents are clogged up, the airflow from the dryer is interrupted, causing the dryer to have to work harder for the same results. This will lead to increases in your monthly energy costs. In the long run, this type of expense will leave you without hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Avoid spending money you don’t need to by merely keeping your dryer as clean as possible.

Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer fires are hazardous fires as they will come at random times. Part of the cause for these fires is the increased friction that comes with dirty or clogged dryer vents. The particles and debris in the vents will cause conflict with the airflow that is passing by. If you neglect cleaning your dryer vents for too long, you could risk causing a dryer fire. Aside from being very dangerous, this type of fire could cause severe damages to your home. If you don’t want to deal with the costs of repairing severe fire damage, call Air Quality Express today. Our technicians will inspect your dryer and determine whether or not you need cleaning services. If so, then our professional and experienced technicians will make sure the vents are as clean as possible.

Keep Your Dryer for a Long Time

Your dryer is a machine that needs to adequately serviced as frequently as required. Otherwise, you risk having your dryer run into some issue or problem. A malfunctioning dryer will eventually break down completely one way or another. So it is imperative to make sure you keep your dryer vents clean and clear of lint. The interrupted airflow caused by dirty vents will be very detrimental to the way your dryer works. If you don’t want to spend big on dryer repairs or complete replacements, do the right thing and take proper care of your dryer. By doing so, you’ll have a working dryer for many years to come. Air Quality Express offers the highest quality of vent cleaning services in the area. So don’t wait until it’s too late and acquire our services today.

Dry Your Clothes Faster

When a dryer has clogged or dirty vents, it will be forced to work harder than it needs to. This will decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the dryer. So you’ll need more dry cycles to dry your clothes properly. This could be very annoying if you have somewhere to go and you need to dry your clothes fast. Imagine having a date planned, but you can’t dry your clothes in times. Although this may be a worst-case scenario, the point holds. If you want to avoid finding yourself in a rush to dry your clothes, call Air Quality Express today. Our technicians will inspect your dryer vents to ensure they are in the right condition.

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Katy Fun Facts

    • The city of Katy is home to ten parks, including the renowned Heritage Park.
    • Katy was originally named Cane Island.
    • A hurricane destroyed Katy in 1900.
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