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Katy Commercial Insulation Companies

What qualities make up the best Katy commercial insulation companies? First and foremost, it is the insulation installation! We will go in detail on the different types of materials and methods that you have to choose from. However, an essential thing to cover is the value of proper installation. There are plenty of things that good insulation can provide to your home. There are a lot of things that lousy insulation can take away from your home, too. That is why you must be treated with excellent customer service with an exceptional insulation contractor.

Air Quality Express can help with this. We are operational in the Houston area and are ready to take on more commercial projects. When you’re looking for a quick and effective job, you can come to Air Quality Express. We’ll take care of your home or business!

Why Does Installation Matter?

Energy efficiency is one reason, along with the heating and cooling of your residence or commercial building. One of the most significant issues with homes and commercial buildings alike is the inefficiency of their insulation. Sometimes it can be due to the materials that were used; however, in most cases, it is from the poor installation. Usually, the issue is the incomplete layering or lack of filling all of the spaces. While the majority may be covered, if it is not adequately insulated, the home will be subject to troublesome heat or cold waves. Research shows that inefficiencies can rise as much as 25% when the installation is not correctly done.

Katy Insulation Commercial Companies Must Be Thorough!

Faulty quality is a huge problem that can take a lot of time and money to fix. Furthermore, you may not even realize it is happening to your building or home. The worst aspects of this are that it can end up damaging other parts of your structure. Most notably, the air conditioning can experience a lot of stress if the heat is cumbersome. This scenario can be very common in areas like Houston and Katy. In the south Texas area, the temperature is typically above 100 degrees in the summertime. Furthermore, there are very high levels of humidity as well. That means that the installation has to be strong enough to handle the most extreme situations and act as a barrier between this adverse weather and the home.

Protection From Elemental Damage

Once again, even the moisture control and flame resistance can be missed on the installation. If the flammable materials such as cellulose or mineral wool are not coated in non-flammable substances, they will not be advisable for the heat. They could end up catching the light, smoking, or even igniting. Also, if they are not ensured to be water-resistant, or effectively dried out before closing out the area, you could be susceptible to mold and bacteria growth over time. High temperatures and high levels of moisture are perfect conditions to spawn fungal growths. They can potentially cause a lot of trouble for homeowners and even present life-threatening ailments to those who are exposed.

Materials That Best Support South Texas

While installation is critical, insulation materials are also vital. Indeed, the installation can be perfect, but you may not have the most support if you are not using the right type of insulation. This is typically dependent upon the environment that you’re living in. As we mentioned earlier, if there is a presence of extreme heat and humidity like there is in Houston, perhaps you would be better off choosing materials that are not meant for winter conditions.

Some of the options that are better suited for the colder regions like Cellulose are naturally flammable materials and will not be ideal. Also, Polyurethane is an option that is up to the preference of the user. While it has exceptional moisture resistance and high strength to heat transfer, it is potentially flammable if not treated with the right chemical flame retardants. This is why we will urge all owners to use professional teams such as Air Quality Express to ensure a safe and efficient job.

Mineral Wool

This is one option that might be great for your commercial building. It comes in many different forms and has naturally excellent fire resistance. If you are looking for a more affordable, easier to install option, this may be right for your project. While it has the potential to irritate, it can ensure a tremendous radiant barrier is made, and it will also provide remarkable sound insulation that is useful for acoustics. This material can be made from the slag in steel mills, but it can also be derived from ceramics and rocks minerals as well.


One of the most efficient materials, and possibly the most common, is fiberglass. It has been an excellent insulator for many years and is very abundant. You will find that this fibrous material has excellent resistance to all of the elements, and it will be serviceable for as much as 15 years. Once you want to replace it, you can even reuse the material.

This material consists of small threads of silicon glass that weave together to create a wooly content. They can roll out or turn into loose-fill. The material can irritate the lungs, skin, and eyes, so our crew will handle it so you won’t have to worry. This inexpensive option will support your home and protect it from any of the extreme heat or moisture that Katy could experience.

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