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Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Discover Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Worth It

It is now a well-known fact that indoor air pollution is a significant problem. For this reason, there are numerous companies offering services and products that are made to help improve the quality of the air indoors. One of the most important things that someone can do to improve the quality of the air inside their home or place of business is to have their air ducts cleaned. Here are the reasons why air duct cleaning is worth it.

What Does An Air Duct Cleaning Service Do?

Companies like Air Quality Express in Houston, Texas use specialized equipment such as vacuums, blowers, and brushes that are specially designed to clean-out ducts and intakes in homes and offices. Part of the service includes cleaning the registers, the air handler, housings, motors, coils, and fans of the HVAC system. At present, there is no specific research that demonstrates how much indoor air quality improves by having the ducts cleaned, but even so, it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out that dirt and debris could build up in the air ducts and distribute that throughout the home or office.

Additionally, there is specific evidence that shows that when cooling and heating coils, air handling units, and motors get dirty, it reduces the overall efficiency of the HVAC system. When someone considers all of these points, then they can begin to realize the reasons why air duct cleaning is worth it. These reasons are clear indicators of why homeowners or offices should have their air ducts cleaned regularly.

Houston Air Duct Cleaning Service

When a company like Air Quality Express performs the cleaning of the air ducts, then it will help keep the air clean and the ventilation system running optimally. Regardless of whether it’s a commercial building or the family home, they can clean the air ducts to industry standards. Dust mites, mold, germs, and bacteria are among the types of things that can build up in the air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts can help remove these harmful particles once and for all.

Homes and businesses can have the air ducts cleaned on the same day if they like. The technicians offer the highest quality service available in the industry and they are highly professional. Because they are genuine experts in their field they are able to offer the very best services.

What Is The Process To Clean The Air Ducts?

The cleaning process requires making a hole in the duct close to the furnace. This allows the technicians to connect the vacuum from the truck. They then cover the register so that dirt and dust can’t escape into the house. A skipper ball is put down in every register in line. Afterward, they use a jet gun to blow the skipper ball through the air duct. The ball bounces all over the system, and as it hits the sides, it loosens the debris. Then the vacuum line from the truck automatically sucks in the debris to clear the ducts.

A deodorizer can also be used in the register after the cleaning has been completed. For some, it might create a temporary breathing problem, but it is 100% safe. It’s simply a matter of staying away for just the first few minutes. Typically, the homeowner or business owner would simply allow air to blow through the air ducts and go outside for a few minutes.

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Worth It

It should be completely clear now that cleaning your air ducts regularly is very important for several factors. It helps the entire system run more efficiently and it will reduce allergens, dust, and dirt blowing into the home or office. There is no question that people can benefit from cleaning their air ducts routinely.

Air Quality Express has a genuine desire for making indoor air quality safer for all. They expanded to offer their services to those in Texas. They have now been there for over 7 years and they understand the need for creating indoor air quality for the safety of everyone.

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In total, this company has been around for over 14 years and they take great pride in all the services they offer. They never use any type of substances that might be damaging or unhealthy. It is their desire to perform services for the home without ever using any type of potentially destructive elements. They have industry-leading knowledge and expertise and a team that devotes themselves to doing the very best work. 

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