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Are you looking for one of the best Houston insulation companies in your area? If you’re considering getting new insulation for your home, there should be a lot of thought put into how it affects the structure of your home. The shape of your home and the environment that you live in will determine what type of material you use, and the form it takes. This is how you can make huge changes in the energy efficiency of your home.
Air Quality Express can help you decide the best material and even install the insulation for you. We have an excellent team that has been fully trained and professionally licensed to work in your home. We will ensure that the job is done correctly and promptly so that you don’t have to wait. Home improvement is a delicate process, and if it is not done right, you could end up suffering in the long run. We will take some time now to explain what type of options you have available and the methods that will be most effective for your home!
Basic Geometric/Square Foundations

There are many homes that are designed with simple and geometric angles. The foundation is rectangular, and the roofing is level, and the corners are smooth. Typically, this refers to attics that have more open spacing.

Abstract/Irregular Foundation

These types of homes are usually more elaborate. Their walls are not always flat, and the elevations can shift dramatically to fit a certain style. Other times, there may not even be a lot of space to fill the area. It may not even be large enough to let a human enter into space. This is where we would use other options to create your insulation. Unfortunately, with the process demanding a far more technical and precise route, installers are almost always going to be the preferred method.


The material that is used for this type of method is usually cellulose or fiberglass. These materials are made of recycled glass or newspaper sediment, and it is ideal for packing in the spaces in the attic that are not capable of being filled with batts or reached with a blown-in hose. It will appear like powdery snow and is used in most cases that involve unique foundations.


When you have an area that cannot be reached by a human, you can’t use batts; not even loose-fill insulation will do. For the areas of the house that require this type of insulation, you will use a blown-in method. This process is fast and efficient, and it will be done precisely. We can gauge the level of thickness and ensure that our material will not settle out over time. It will remain the same thickness as it was when we applied the insulation!

Good Houston Insulation Companies Will Help Prevent Future Damages

We want to ensure that Air Quality Express can truly improve your home with our insulation. Through the process of cleaning, installing, and securing the insulation, your home will experience a dramatic increase in air quality, temperature control, and general support for sound and other basic protections that are essential to a home. By this, we refer to the moisture build-ups that are so common for South Texas homes. With insulation from Air Quality Express, you will enjoy non-flammable, water-resistant material that can withstand the various elemental conditions.

This will protect your home from the problems of mold infestation, which is quite common when there is a presence of moisture in the walls or attic. Air Quality Control has the insulation that will keep the moisture out of the house. Furthermore, we can create a radiant barrier for your home that will lower the average temperature in your home by as much as 10%. This means that your HVAC system will also reduce its workload and function more efficiently.With our services, we can eliminate the problems that would otherwise generate expensive costs and charges down the line. However, with the added benefits of an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient insulation, we’ll end up saving you lots of money when the job is done. Look for Air Quality Express when you’re in the market for proper insulation!

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Being one of the most reliable Houston insulation companies is something we pride ourselves in. We want to uphold great customer relations with our clients, and the only way to do so is to help them keep their homes in the best condition. For over ten years, we have been helping new and old customers alike enjoy the benefits of proper insulation. When it is done by our team, the process is safe, fast, and effective.

If you are looking to begin your insulation project with us, give us a call at (832) 781-0105 to reach one of our representatives. They will help you start and answer any further questions you may have. Otherwise, you can visit the services webpage on our website to view our other services. We hope to hear from you soon; your home improvement awaits!

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