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Did you know that insulation contractors near me can save you a lot of money? Well, it all depends on the value of the service you receive. When you work with Air Quality Express, we ensure that our insulation work will protect your home and keep it energy-efficient all year round. We will ensure that your insulation is not only capable of keeping your home temperature lower, but it will also protect you from a few other factors.

With houses always changing, and the quality of materials constantly shifting, insulating your home is a unique process. It is not necessarily easy to decide the best method for your home until you understand what each of the different materials best use is for and how they are applied. Some articles may be easier to use in a simple home, but they are not usable in a home that has more complex architecture.

What Is The Best Type Of Insulation For My Home?

As we stated earlier, the structure of your home has a significant impact on the material used. Although it is not just the size or shape that matters, geographic location is another huge factor that we must consider. While we are only going to focus on the Katy area for this article, we will have to consider insulation that works best in hot and tropical climates. That means we can’t use flammable insulation materials such as mineral wool or styrofoam. These are more common in northern regions that need to minimize the problems of freezing more frequently than extreme heat. As a result, we have curated different options on current climates in South Texas, so it matches your home’s average temperature!


The options that you can use in your home will vary based on the location in the house. However, we use most of the same materials for different forms. We want to highlight each of the various methods, go over what type of materials are best suitable for that job, and explain the process of how to install that type of insulation.


These are similar to the turf, which is rolled out like a blanket. The material is flat and cuts into straight tarps that you will end up placing on top of one another. They come in several different thicknesses and usually use equipment such as fiberglass, wool, or cellulose. Batts is the most common format in regular-shaped houses and is used by homeowners. Yet, one must beware of doing it themselves because of the risk of inefficiency.


Loose-fill is a process that uses the same materials, such as cellulose and fiberglass, but in a sedimentary form. The fibers are instead broken down into a fluffy powder. That powder is then spread across the floor of the attic or the walls. You can either do this by hand, or it can be blown-in by a machine. The material is aerated and does not settle, so it will remain that thickness throughout its entire lifetime. This insulation is best done by a professional, as fiberglass and cellulose can be very irritating for humans. One must especially avoid fiberglass. Without the proper equipment, the small shards of glass can be life-threatening when caught in the lungs or eyes.

House Shape

While every home is mostly designed differently, there are some basic categories that we can break down your home into. This breakdown is used to determine the method of application that the insulation demands. Of course, depending on the details of your home, you may end up using multiple methods. However, for the majority of the insulation, Katy insulation companies can determine what format is preferred through these differentiations.

Irregular Foundation

This refers to a home that is designed with a lot of abstract corners and acute angles. Whether there is not a lot of space in the attic or it has crevices and layers that do not allow batts to be placed in symmetrical forms, you’ll have to find another route. Usually, when combatting this uneven terrain, we will use a loose-fill or blown-in material.

That ensures space is still filled without having to enter the area. Most of the time, this is the best method because it will ensure that more surface area is covered and reduce the risk of space between the material. The goal is to keep it as dense and compact as possible. Using straight-lined tarps will not cover all of the smaller openings and could reduce insulation effectiveness by as much as 25%.

Regular Foundation

After reviewing your home, our crew determines whether or not your home is a more obtuse shape that does not have any sharp angles or small crevices. This way, you can fill a lot of the surface area without having to use extraneous equipment like a blower. Installers can easily roll out the batts and make sure that every space is covered up through this process. Usually, this process is the most common and can be performed with little to no issue.

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