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Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Houston Area

In a huge city like Houston, filled with motorists and surrounded by refineries, we’re all well aware of the pollutants in the outdoor air; and for those of us prone to allergies, the pollen count in Texas readily reminds us of the effect that airborne particulates can have on our respiratory system.

Especially when it’s humid outside, we retreat to our homes and rely on our HVAC systems. Unfortunately, the presence of pollutants in our own homes is often forgotten. Respiratory issues begin where we spend our most time; according to the EPA, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors.

You may be surprised to know that the EPA has also found that indoor environments may contain 2 to 5 times the concentration of pollutants as outdoor environments. This comes from all kinds of sources, including ever-disruptive mold.

Even the hardiest set of lungs are upset by mold, and certainly the sturdiest of homes are as well. That’s why indoor air quality testing is the flagship service we perform at Air Quality Express; air quality testing can identify the source of respiratory issues, determine if mold spores are proliferating in your air, and can even save you from costly repairs or HVAC system replacement.

Why Schedule Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Identify Indoor Air Pollutants

Perhaps your cough or sore throat derives from pollen. It might also be due to indoor air pollutants.

These pollutants could be as simple as pet dander, cleaning solutions, or combustion byproducts from cooking surfaces; they can also be more sinister.

More dangerous pollutants include carbon monoxide, which can cause poisoning; radon, the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers; and lead. All homes can experience pollution from any of these three compounds, but homes built before 1978 are especially at risk.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Identify Mold in Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Common Areas

While other indoor air pollutants are disruptive or even dangerous, mold is a serious concern. Linked to endless health issues across people of all ages, most are aware that they should avoid mold exposure as much as possible.

However, mold infestation and growth is especially common in indoor environments, and mold can proliferation anywhere exposed to humidity.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Avoid Costly Mold Damage

By the time you’re experiencing negative side effects from mold infestation, your home is already damaged from the mold exposure. This could require a deep clean, or it could require the removal and replacement of walls, floors, ceilings, or even the entire HVAC system.

So even if you do not experience respiratory issues from your home environment, an indoor air quality inspection could mean the difference between relaxing on your couch and staying at a hotel room while your home is being repaired.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection Procedure

Air Quality Express follows a very thorough procedure for air quality inspection. Our licensed technicians identify every avenue of possible poor air quality sources, with steps including:

General Home Air Quality Survey

Our technicians observe the location of heating sources, the environment of your kitchen, storage of chemicals and cleaning supplies, and the quality of ventilation in each room. While these may not contribute as heavily to your indoor air quality, every bit helps.

Identifying Cracks in Walls, Foundation, and More

Next, we thoroughly comb your home for any cracks in your home that might allow for exposure to the outdoors. Even if the crack is too small to allow pests in, the slightest exposure to the outdoors can allow pollutants to slowly seep in; and cracks that allow exposure from soil can be a significant contributor to mold or radon pollution.

Radon, Carbon Monoxide, and Lead Testing

Radon, carbon monoxide, and lead in your home are especially dangerous – these toxic gases are invisible to the human eye. Each occurs naturally, so identifying levels that exceed the norm requires special scanners and a technician well-versed in reading the reports.

Mold Inspection

Often, mold can be observed; unfortunately, if you can see mold on your walls, you likely already need repairs. Our technicians take samples of the air and visible mold in each room to deliver to an accredited lab; this tells us what kind of mold you’re dealing with and the extent of the contamination, which is essential to determining what treatments to use, both for your home and for your health.

What to Do After an Air Quality Inspection

As each case of indoor air pollution is unique to each residence, the outcome of an air quality test may be completely positive, or it may require extensive mold remediation.

Upon analyzing the result of your air quality test, Air Quality Express will quickly follow up with you on the best course of action for improving your indoor air quality.

Best Air Quality Professionals in Houston

Our technicians at Air Quality Express are the premier air quality professionals in the Houston area – we believe in the importance of maintaining your indoor air quality so strongly that it’s how we got our name!

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