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Importance of Air Quality in the Work Environment

Air Quality in the Work Environment 

Right from the time we are born to the time we die, we are breathing. It is sometimes taken for granted because we breathe thoughtlessly. Breathing is not a decision we make. It is the way of life. The way to live.

When it comes to health at the workplace, different things are taken into consideration but most times, the air we breathe is forgotten. Good air is important to our lives and our well-being. Over time, if we breathe in dust, pollen, bacteria, and fungi constantly, there is a definite possibility of an adverse effect within us.

There is actually a higher possibility of getting these chronic problems in your indoor workplace where you go every day, than outdoors. For those that work in factories every day that have many different chemicals and the circulation of air isn’t constant, for example, put themselves at a higher risk daily.

Different things affect the quality of the air, other than the chemicals in the factories. These include; moisture, humidity, different odors and pollutants from people going in and out of the office space, air ventilation systems, remodeling, pest control, and so on.

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How to Improve Air Quality in the Work Environment

The air we breathe in every day should be taken into high consideration, especially at the places we go to every day. Therefore, ways to help improve Air Quality at work are:

  1. Regular change/cleaning of Air Ducts: Air ducts deal with the ventilation, and heating of a place. It is mainly the air we breathe. Over time, they are bound to wear and tear and contain pollutants. Maintenance is thereby necessary. Air duct replacement can help clean and replace air ducts at least once in a while. Luckily, Air Quality Express offers air duct services in Houston to help you out.
  2. Spacing: there should be a good amount of space between colleagues in the office. Other than this, computers should be placed in the correct position. That is, they should not be in the position that the heat produced by a monitor is in someone’s face. Furniture also prevents the good flow of air and adequate space between them is necessary.
  3. Air pathway: Air moves everywhere. When the office spaces are cleaned, and air ducts are maintained, we have to remember that air passes through stairwells, elevators, elevator shafts, doors, storerooms and so on. Maintenance has to be done in all these places as well, and air filters placed in these places to make sure air is clean throughout the building.


The workplace is for everyone and if the air is not clean and pure, it affects everyone. If every person does their part in maintaining their environment to the best of their ability, it can make a difference no matter how small. Those responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the building require cooperation from the staff and management. All this helps to bring about good quality air.

The quality of air is important. Although there are many factors that make it not to be, it is still very possible. With a little effort, common sense, vigilance we can all breathe in good air at our workplace.

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