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How to choose the right air duct cleaning company?

Clean air should be available for all and it’s important that if you have any types of air ducts they are properly maintained and cleaned periodically. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right type of company that provides a service that is complete or even useful. 

There are a lot of companies out there that state they are cleaning your air ducts but in the end, just wipe down the exit vents and move on. 

That’s a shame, and we’re here to resolve and assuage any fears of hiring a competent and honest air duct cleaning company.

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How we work

We take an iterative approach to handling your air duct cleaning needs. The first time we come, we start off with a comprehensive inspection. We look at your entire ventilation system to assess exactly how extensive the cleaning process needs to go. We’re completely transparent with our estimations and timing so you know exactly what we’re cleaning and how it costs. 

Our service is extensive, so we go through several cleanings to ensure that it’s done right. We’ll actually take apart some of your ventilation system to clean it individually and properly. We use specialized cleaning solutions to get the job done right the first time. 

Then we do a complete HEPA vacuuming process throughout your air ducts and ventilation system. We do a final inspection and do any last-minute touches to make sure that the job is complete.



Why us? 

You want to make sure that if you plan on getting your air ducts clean and want to have them done correctly, then you want to look for someone that has the past experience to get it done. We’re a family-owned business that is a proud member of the BBB. This helps to validate that we work properly with all of our clients at any given time. 

You also want to make sure that whoever you choose to work with is properly licensed and insured. We’re both and if there’s a company that offers cleaning but doesn’t have the right types of paperwork for this, that’s a major red flag, as they don’t need to adhere to the standards that licensing brings. Plus in case something goes wrong, if they don’t have the proper insurance then it goes from a simple air duct cleaning to a stressful headache. 

Finally – and this is critical with your air ducts and overall ventilation system, we’re specifically licensed for mold. That’s our main focus and we clean out microbes, dust and dirt, but also look and hunt down all the mold that could have been accumulating and joining the air that you’ve been breathing in.

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We want you to be fully satisfied with all the work that we do, so we always make sure to involve you in the process and ensure that you’re satisfied with the final cleaning job before leaving. We don’t do a surface clean and leave. We roll up our sleeves and get dirty to clean your air ducts and ventilation system. 

We serve the greater Houston, TX area, so feel free to reach us for a quote anytime here