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How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

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Air duct cleaning refers to the process where ducts are cleaned to prevent indoor air pollution. Duct cleaning involves cleaning the entire heating and cooling systems that are components of forced air systems. The air in a room doesn’t have to feel stuffy to recognize the components that need cleaning. You have to create schedules to clean the components. The parts to be cleaned are diffusers, grillers, air ducts for both supply and return of air, fan housing, and heat exchangers.

These components have to be correctly installed, maintained, and operated. Dust, Pollen, and other debris are capable of contaminating the whole system. They tend to stay on the ducts’ surfaces, and in case of any moisture, this forms mold that is later relieved in the living space. No one has claimed to be sick from the pollution of indoor; it has never been proven; however, this tampers with the whole system. Hotels and other people with these systems are supposed to talk to their cleaners and ensure the entire system is cleaned.

The service cleaners should be qualified to avoid recontamination of the guts. The cleaning standards are clear to all service providers; however, the cleaning methods usually vary. They use specialized tools to dislodge all dust and debris, which is then vacuumed out with a high powered vacuum.

Some of the cleaning companies like air duct cleaning Houston advises using chemical biocides or chemical treatments. These chemicals hinder the mold’s growth or prevent dust and other fiber particles from being released into the air. The method has not been proven scientifically, so the better of decisions is first to clean the ducts then apply the chemicals later in cases of remaining particles. Sealants could be applied to the inside of the duct pipes to prevent air leaks. This is quite okay since it saves on heat energy and reduces the cooling bills.

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When an air duct system requires cleaning  

A visual test is done to check for traces of dust deposits or mold growth. In case there is none, it’s okay not to do the testing. However, the return registers could have dusty particle traces, and this is not a requirement to clean the whole system.  It can always be removed and washed separately.

Whenever any family member is suffering from allergies that seem to be related to being connected with indoor pollution, seek help from a doctor. If indoor pollution is the problem, you can contact air dust cleaning Houston for assistance.

The visual test should be checked for any insects as they are an indication your ducts need cleaning.

Cleaning should always be done if it’s on your schedule; it is better to prevent further damages.

You can prevent duct contamination by doing the following:

  • Depending on your heat and cooling system, consider a high-efficiency air filter as advised by the system’s provider
  • Change your filters regularly
  • Check for filter gaps, most especially along with the filter holder. Ensure there aren’t missing filters.
  • When cleaning the cooler and heating systems, ask the cleaner to check on cooling pans and draining pipes.
  • During the renovation of other homes, systems seal the return and supply registers to prevent contamination.

The pointers will help you maintain a clean air duct and help you know what to enquire from the service providers.

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