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Have you ever gotten a Houston spray foam attic insulation? This is one of the best ways to apply insulation for a number of reasons. We’ll go over these benefits throughout this article and showcase how you can get this service done fast and efficiently for your home. Deciding what type of insulation is usually the biggest issue, but we want to explain why the decision is really a no-brainer. The features of spray foam insulation truly goes above and beyond what other methods provide.

Let Air Quality Express be your team for installing insulation. We have numerous technicians with over ten years of experience and with the technical ability to ensure the most effective application process. Our company has garnered a lot of respect from our clients because of the value we take in our customers and the great services we provide. When it comes to insulation, we won’t overlook any detail because truly great insulation can save you tons of money and protect you from future problems.

What Is Spray Foam?

When you use insulation that is in the form of spray foam, it means that you will be using a blowing gun to shoot the activated insulator onto the target area. At this point, the material then expands rapidly to adhere to any area within a 2 or 3-inch radius, and after a certain level, it can potentially harden and be a very sturdy, sound method. This is usually the most expensive method, but the benefits will be far more worth it. Usually, this method is more reliable for heat resistance than any of the other options, such as rolling out batts or using loose-fill.

When Is It Used Best?

The spray foam is ideal when you are either trying to fill crevices or get the best protection. While it is more expensive, it is one of the only options in homes that have irregular shapes and do not follow smooth angles or even elevations. This is where you will have to use the foam to fill those abstract spaces because other options simply won’t be sufficient.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a problem with the pricing, it is better to use it on the entire house. This will ensure that your protection is the best that the industry can provide. Air Quality Express can help install this insulation for you and will provide a quote for your house if you feel that you are ready to begin the process.

Material Best Used In Houston Spray Attic Insulation

The best options for your home are dependent upon the climate that you reside in. If the temperatures are lower, you may not have to worry about having non-flammable materials. However, that is sadly not the case for Houston. When you are living in an area that frequently experiences extreme heat, you should certainly decide on insulation, which will not burn in the intense heat. Often times, attics can experience even higher degrees of heat because of the barrier it creates.


In order to avoid having to deal with that issue, we would recommend that you use a material such as Polyurethane. This is a great material because it has amazing properties for insulation and water resistance. Polyurethane foam is one of the more common materials used in mattresses and furniture. However, that material is known as “open-cell” and is very spongey in its makeup. In this form, it is not a very good insulator, and it is not waterproof.

Although there are two types of polyurethane: open cell and closed cell, when you have a “closed-cell” form of Polyurethane, you will be able to reap the rewards. This material is rated to have an R-value of 6.25 per inch of thickness. That means that for every inch added, the insulation becomes 6.25 more efficient at handling heat transfers. The average R-value for other insulators is around R-3.2. As you can see, it will already be more effective at keeping your home cooled or heated. Additionally, whenever you make it closed-cell, it also becomes waterproof, which is extremely valuable in the Houston climate.

Problems That Houston Spray Foam Attic Insulation Can Help Avoid

There are several problems that a Houston home may deal with due to the climate, which can be very severe. However, the foam spray insulation can ensure that these issues are minimized if not eliminated altogether. We will highlight some of the issues and explain why this form of insulation is better suited for your home.

Long-term support
Unlike its peers, polyurethane foam will not breakdowns like fiberglass or cellulose. After 10-15 years, you may begin to experience erosion of the insulation if it is not the foam. This is an expensive process regardless of the material, and ideally, if the insulation is done right, it should last a lifetime. The foam will ensure that it does, and Air Quality Express can even potentially offer a lifetime warranty for this material.

Prevention of Mold

Another issue that plagues homes in the South is the high levels of humidity. When the moisture seeps into the home, it can create pools of water that rots wood and otherwise generates a lot of mold spores and bacteria cultures. This is a perfect breeding ground for these organisms. While, in most cases, this would not be unnatural, it can certainly be toxic for a human to live amongst. Therefore, ensuring that the insulation is waterproof will keep the moisture from building up. This will reduce the amount of opportunity that mold has to grow! This can keep healthy homeowners and prevent illness and even death. That is one of the biggest reasons why we encourage spray foam to be used. It can provide lifetime mold protection.

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