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Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has a variety of exhibits to offer. Its permanent collections span four floors. You can also visit the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Wortham IMAX Theater. These attractions are located in Hermann Park in the Museum District. They are a popular attraction. Learn more in Houston,TX.

HMNS was established by the Houston Museum and Scientific Society in 1909. Their objective was to establish an institution that would provide education in the science and natural history field for the people of the city. In addition to this, HMNS had the goal of providing free education to the citizens of Houston. This institution has been visited by over half a million school children every year.

HMNS has been recognized for its outstanding selection of special exhibitions. Some of these events have garnered national attention. For example, the museum hosted the prestigious Faberge eggs exhibition and the record breaking Marlin. Other special exhibitions include the African Wildlife Hall, the John P. McGovern Hall of the Americas, and the African Wild Life exhibit.

If you are considering visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, you will have a great time seeing the permanent collection of animals, gems, and fossils. Also, the museum has an excellent lineup of world-class touring exhibitions. A special audio guide is an important part of any trip to the museum.

The Hall of Paleontology is the largest expansion of the museum. This exhibition gives a view into the 3.5 billion years of life on Earth. Visitors can see fossils and fossilized items, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are several dioramas displaying natural environments.

Another exhibit is the Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife. This area features a wide range of native species from Texas. The visitor can find more than 250 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. As part of its renovation, the Farish Hall underwent a major refurbishment, adding more specimens to its collection.

The Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals has more than 750 crystallized mineral specimens. The hall also features 50 cultures from pre-Columbian times.

If you are planning a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, you should take note that there are free admission days on certain holidays. For instance, on Christmas Day, the museum is open free to the public. During the summer, the permanent exhibit halls are free as well. However, visitors should also take note that the entrance fee for these halls varies from time to time.

Guests can also learn about the energy value chain and oil exploration in the Wiess Energy Hall. The display includes a working replica of an offshore drilling rig drill floor. Additionally, there is a video with a 1/150th scale white model that tells the history of the energy sector.

Visitors can also take a trip into the ancient Egyptian realm at the Hall of Ancient Egypt. This area features several recreations of Egyptian temples and mummies. It is also home to the Herzstein Foucault Pendulum, which is the tallest pendulum in the United States at 60 feet (18 meters).

You can also enjoy a day at the Cockrell Butterfly Center. The three-story conservatory features hundreds of butterflies. Learn more about Minute Maid Park in Houston.