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In Houston, it often feels like every day is a peak summer day. Even the most breathable of outfits can turn damp in a matter of minutes outdoors. So, when you retreat inside, you depend on your HVAC system to bring your temperature down and your comfort up. This is where a Houston insulation installation company comes in handy.

Unfortunately, many buildings in Houston suffer from improperly installed or worn out insulation materials. Additionally, not all insulation contractors in the city areas thorough as one might hope. Of course, homeowners and renters are going to be more likely to notice temperature issues in their residences. On the other hand, commercial buildings often lack quality insulation, and building owners and managers may overlook the issue.

Whether you’re looking to increase your comfort or decrease your electricity bills, you need a dependable insulation installation company in Houston. As premium Houston insulation contractors, our inspectors are available right away to observe all your insulation work and provide an estimate for the job.

Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation

As the highest room in your house, the attic is your first line of defense against the sun. However, most attics lack air conditioning, making the attic feel like an oven. Therefore, if the insulation in your attic is made of lacking materials or does not seal off the entire attic, you may find that the attic heat seeps into the rest of your home. That is why you need competent Houston insulation experts.

The attic is also a favorite spot for pests to enter your home. Even if your attic is sealed off from the rest of your home, improper insulation in the ceiling can allow for roaches, rats, and more to contaminate your attic.

Finally, attic insulation is meant to prevent mold from reaching home surfaces. After a major storm, with worn-out insulation, you may find water damage that can lead to mold growth and structural issues.

Part of our routine as attic insulators includes inspecting your attic for proper sealing, pest problems, and mold growth. If we detect these issues, we will suggest further services to get your house as clean as possible. And once we complete our attic insulation installation, you can rest easy knowing nothing bad will come down from your attic.

Houston Insulation Services

If your home has pest, mold, or HVAC efficiency issues, the solution may lay in replacing your insulation. With over ten years of experience as an attic insulation company servicing the Houston area, Air Quality Express will restore the comfort of your home or commercial building. Call us at (832) 734-8631 to schedule an appointment today.

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