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Professional HVAC Cleaning Services in Houston

Responsible for the air circulation in your home, it should come as no surprise that your HVAC system can accumulate years of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and more.

Hvac cleaning
Hvac cleaning

That being said, we know firsthand how horrific the inside and outside of your air ducts can become.
This can cause a lot of issues, which we will describe below. In short, regularly cleaning your HVAC can improve the entire system overall.

There are so many benefits to a professional cleaning that it would just be plain unwise not to make it a priority. That being said, we know the many reasons that people neglect this vital part of building maintenance. That’s why Air Quality Express makes it easier for you to get the services you need to keep yourself and the people you care about safe and comfy.

Our affordable, comprehensive service offerings are all you need to improve and maintain the air quality of your home or workplace.

hvac cleaning

Benefits to Cleaning Your HVAC System

Many HVAC cleaning service providers will talk about the health benefits that are realized from cleaning out your vents. The truth is unless there is mold growth within your HVAC system, allergens such as dust mites and pollen don’t impact everyone’s respiratory health, only people prone to allergic reactions and those suffering from existing respiratory issues.

However, even those without allergies can still experience important benefits from having their HVAC system services, including preventing a potential fire hazard and increasing your HVAC efficiency.

Remove Microbes & Allergens from the Air

If you do experience respiratory issues when you spend extra time indoors, deep cleaning of the HVAC system will remove the microbes circulating in your air. In the case of mold, this is important even for those not prone to respiratory issues.

Avoid a Dangerous Fire Hazard

HVAC systems and their associated air ducts generate a lot of static electricity, and a build-up of microbes alongside flammable particles like hair in your HVAC system could spell disaster at any second. Keeping your HVAC system routinely cleaned will protect your home and your family from the random chance of a fire in your air ducts.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Not only is a clogged air duct a health and a fire hazard; it can be hazardous to your wallet as well! When an HVAC system is clogged, the central unit has to work harder to heat or cool your home to the desired temperature. This loss of efficiency can be reflected in your electricity bill, increasing total energy costs by as much as 20%!

When Should I Clean my HVAC System?

So you know that getting your HVAC system professionally cleaned is a good idea, but do you know how to tell when you should schedule your appointment? Here are some possible signs that an HVAC cleaning may be in order:

Your Home is Newly Built or Undergoing Renovation

Even if your HVAC system was thoroughly cleaned upon installation, homebuilding contractors and other installation jobs produce a ton of dust that filters into the HVAC system. Upon completion of a project, you should certainly schedule an HVAC inspection to determine if your HVAC system needs professional cleaning.

You Notice Mold Growth Near Your Furnace or A/C Vents

Mold near vents does not necessarily indicate that the HVAC system itself is expelling mold spores; however, it increases the chances of mold growth in your air ducts, and a mold inspection should be scheduled to determine if your HVAC system is housing mold colonies.

Your Heating or Cooling Costs Are Rising

If you’ve experienced a surge in your energy bills that you cannot chalk up to excessive electronics or appliance usage, there’s a good chance that your HVAC system is to blame. By scheduling an inspection, our technicians will identify any source of air duct clogs or possible leakage.

You Haven’t Scheduled an HVAC Cleaning in 2-3 Years

Whether you’ve experienced any of these signs or not, if it’s been 2-3 years since you’ve had your HVAC system serviced, you need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You may not be experiencing these issues currently, but it’s only a matter of time before they start!

HVAC System Cleaning Process

With over 10 years of experience cleaning HVAC systems, Air Quality Express has a tried and true process for restoring your HVAC system to normal working conditions. Each home or building is different in some respects, but our usual HVAC cleaning process includes:

HVAC Inspection

Before any cleaning can be performed, our technicians need to inspect your HVAC system to identify any issues. This includes checking the system components and ductwork for microbe build-up or mold growth; observing inadequate insulation; and identifying damaged fiberglass components and air duct leaks.

Once finished with the inspection, we provide you with images detailing the damage, and a quote for our HVAC cleaning services. Depending on the results of the inspection, our technician may recommend other HVAC restoration services in addition to the cleaning.

air duct cleaning

Hand Cleaning the Main Unit & Ducts

Our HVAC cleaning services begin with our technician turning off the air conditioning system, and removing all vent covers and other removable parts; from the coils to the blower, every inch of your HVAC system is hand-scrubbed with a Rotobrush, designed to uproot even the most firmly stuck debris from your air ducts. We then use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to suck all of the disrupted allergens out of your air ducts without exposing your home to them.

air duct clean

Disinfecting HVAC System

To ensure we keep your air quality clean and pure once all visible particles are removed, our technicians use organic, non-toxic cleaning detergents to sanitize your air ducts. From the plenum and registers in the supply ducts to the covers of the return ducts, we disinfect your entire HVAC system with a combination of antimicrobial mold control, mildew control, antibacterial solutions, and deodorizer to leave your air feeling and smelling fresh.


Resealing Air Ducts

Once your entire HVAC system is thoroughly sanitized, the plenum, register covers, and any other spots with components removed or ducts exposed are resealed, ensuring the adequate insulation of your air ducts.

What Happens If You Don’t
Clean Your HVAC?

We told you about the benefits of cleaning your system, but that doesn’t necessarily outline the consequences of not doing so. However, we think it’s fair to give you a warning. This might even help you to realize how serious of an issue a filthy HVAC system can be.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to physical health issues, including lung suppression, immune disease disorders, and more.

For those who already have compromised health, such as children and the elderly, these effects of dirty air can be even more disastrous. But no matter how healthy you are, the air can really weigh on you in a matter of time. Good air quality can quite literally improve your health. If you have pets or smoke, getting your HVAC cleaned is a non-contestable issue.

Your system is more prone to be dirty and will get dirtier over time than someone who does not meet either of those criteria. And if you have children in your home, especially small children, it’s all the more important to get your air ducts cleaned.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Get Your HVAC System Professionally Cleaned by Air Quality Express

As much time as we have to spend indoors these days, there’s never been a better time to get your HVAC system professionally cleaned by local Houston experts – and with ten years of experience, Air Quality Express provides clean air everywhere.

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