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Importance of Houston HVAC Cleaning

If you’re still on the fence regarding whether you need your HVAC system professionally cleaned, please allow us to give our opinion. By the way, Air Quality Express is a company devoted to air duct cleaning and other professional services directly related to improving air quality. That being said, we know first hand how horrific the inside and outside of your air ducts can become. This can cause a lot of issues, which we will describe below.

In short, regularly cleaning your HVAC can improve the entire system overall. There are so many benefits to a professional cleaning that it would just be plain unwise not to make it a priority. That being said, we know the many reasons that people neglect this vital part of building maintenance. That’s why Air Quality Express makes it easier for you to get the services you need to keep yourself and the people you care about safe and comfy. Our affordable, comprehensive service offerings are all you need to improve and maintain the air quality of your home or workplace.

Why You Need Houston HVAC Cleaning

We could truly go on for days about the reasons why you should get your air conditioning system cleaned professionally on a regular basis. That’s because the quality of your indoor air plays a huge role in your overall health. Air Quality Express in Houston’s certified HVAC and air duct cleaning expert. Here’s why you should prioritize your Houston HVAC Cleaning:

Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner is directly responsible for the type and temperature of the air that circulates throughout your home. That being said, dirty vents and ducts propel dirty and contaminated air throughout the building. Regularly scheduling your Houston HVAC Cleaning keeps your system and the air that flows through it pristine.

Prevents Emergency Situations

A routinely cleaned air duct is safer and more efficient. The same goes for other parts and components, and even other machinery in your home, such as your dryer vents. When too much buildup accumulates, you might soon have an emergency situation on your hands. Your equipment could begin to fail, or perhaps even get damaged in some way.

That being said, you should definitely have your unit checked out after an emergency. Fire, electrical, or water damage can spark yet another emergency in your building. Air Quality Express also performs emergency Houston HVAC Cleaning and restorative services. We can make sure your system is still safe to operate.

Improves Energy Efficiency

When your ducts and dryer vents are clean and clear, your equipment requires less power to function how it should. Therefore, contacting Air Quality Express to schedule your Houston HVAC Cleaning will save you a lot of money over the years in terms of energy costs.

What’s Great About Our Air Duct Cleaning Services in Houston?

Our air duct cleaners are skilled at what they do. But on top of that, we have the equipment and techniques that make our services even better. For one, we use a truck-mounted vacuum for our duct cleaning and dryer jobs. The vacuum can successfully transport the dirt and debris out of your home. That is why you need Houston HVAC Cleaning.

Furthermore, each air duct cleaning job that we perform includes both an initial inspection and a follow-up deodorizer. This allows you the opportunity to make sure that your air ducts are in great condition. If we see any issues such as air leaks, we’ll inform you and let you know what options you have. In many cases, the damages are minor, and we can provide a simple solution. But at other times, a duct replacement is necessary.

Duct Repair and Replacement

As an air duct cleaning company, it’s important to know how to deal with the issues that may arise. That’s why we can do more than just specialize in Houston HVAC Cleaning or clean your air ducts. This also means that if you do need those additional services, your wait time is significantly decreased. We can make the needed changes to your duct system, even if that includes a full replacement.

Our Other Great Services

Contacting Air Quality Express to schedule your Houston HVAC Cleaning is a great step towards improving the air quality inside your building. But unfortunately, bacteria are pervasive and could be lurking anywhere. That’s why Air Quality Express offers many different services to help you with your air quality control. Some of our services are commonly requested in relation to HVAC system maintenance. Those services include mold elimination, damage restoration, and repair. However, we also perform tasks such as carpet cleaning, UV lights, and more.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your HVAC?

We told you about the benefits of cleaning your system, but that doesn’t necessarily outline the consequences of not doing so. However, we think it’s fair to give you a warning. This might even help you to realize how serious of an issue a filthy HVAC system can be.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to physical health issues, including lung suppression, immune disease disorders, and more. For those who already have compromised health, such as children and the elderly, these effects of dirty air can be even more disastrous. But no matter how healthy you are, the air can really weigh on you in a matter of time. Good air quality can quite literally improve your health.

If you have pets or smoke, getting your HVAC cleaned is a non-contestable issue. Your system is more prone to be dirty and will get dirtier over time than someone who does not meet either of those criteria. And if you have children in your home, especially small children, it’s all the more important to get your air ducts cleaned.

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