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Are you currently overseeing Houston commercial insulation for a building? Whether you’re in preparation for a new building or are trying to learn more about it, we can provide all the services you’re looking for. This is an important consideration for many reasons. There are financial factors, energy factors, and safety needs to take into account.

One of the most important facts to think about is the ease of installation. We will be working with whatever material suits your location, and we’ve listed some of the most common types of materials to use. If you’re looking to find out whether we can support the building or materials you’re looking for, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you.Air Quality Express is capable of performing many of the home improvement jobs that you’re looking for! Our team is multi-faceted with all of the proper licenses and certifications to ensure safety and high efficiency. This means we are fully equipped to offer cleaning, replacement, or installation services for both residential and commercial areas. Your insulation can be dealt with in under one day! We don’t like to keep our clients waiting. Let us know how we can help now!


The Best Material To Use For Houston Commercial Insulation

There are plenty of great insulations that you could choose for your home. However, in terms of commercial buildings, there are a few other obstacles to juggle. Financially, you have to consider whether this will be cost-effective down the line. If it isn’t going to be effective ten years out, you may not be making a sound investment. Furthermore, you have to think about if the quality is worth the price you have to pay. In terms of climate, finances, and quality, we will offer:

This material is made of woven silicon threads or fibers that are very densely packed. It is one of the most common materials to use for insulation because it is very abundant. That means the price will be much lower, which is ideal for business owners of all kinds. It is non-flammable and even has a degree of water resistance. The R-value is 2.8-3.6; this is a measurement that is used to describe the strength of heat resistance for every inch of thickness. It is considered to be very eco-friendly and meets all of the standards and requirements in every region.

This material will come in 2 different forms for placement. There are batts, which are essentially roll-out blankets of fiberglass that are placed in strips across the ceiling. However, you can also use loose-fill fiberglass, which is sediment that consists of mainly 70% recycled glass. Either option for Houston commercial insulation is available with Air Quality Express, and we determine which one to use based on the shape of the building.Typically, since most buildings are simple in nature and do not have a lot of tight corners or sharp angles in the roofing, we will use batts to fill the area. Of course, if there are small crevices or other areas that a batt cannot effectively cover, we will use the loose-fill. This means that it will be hand-tossed into the spaces, or we’ll use a machine to have the material blown into the area if it is too small to enter.

Reusable, Safer, And Protects Against Mold

It is best used in hot, humid climates like Houston because of its ability to handle these elements naturally. First and foremost, fiberglass is totally non-combustible, which means it will not catch fire or ignite after a certain temperature. Other options, such as spray foam insulation or cellulose, cannot support this. In fact, they have to be registered as a fire hazard. This is a great feature due to how intense the heat is. When the summer is notorious for being over 100 degrees for many of the months, it is important to have the protection that can handle extreme heat.

Furthermore, fiberglass is incredibly moisture resistant. It is applied dry, unlike most of the other materials which are applied wet and then forced to dry. This means that there is no water present inside the core of the insulation, which helps prevent mold growth. We can even reuse the fiberglass for insulation installation after a long period of time so you can save costs if this is a temporary development or you want to recycle after using the product.

Lower Your Energy Bills, Too!

There are many benefits to fiberglass insulation, and we want to highlight as many as possible. When you have the proper insulation in place, all of the other components in your home function more efficiently. For instance, the air conditioner is under far less stress if the insulation is working effectively. Insulation has the potential to lower the indoor temperature by nearly 15% in some cases. Therefore, when the heat is over 100 degrees, and AC units are starting to stall, some fiberglass insulation could be the only thing that keeps your unit running in that intense weather.This will cause the AC to produce better results without drawing as much power. In turn, you can find that your energy bills are drastically lowered. When air conditioning takes up a majority of your electric bill, it’s extremely important to take all the best measures in keeping your home cool or warm when it should be. Air Quality Express can ensure that your insulation supports this goal and maintains a higher degree of temperature control in your home.

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We are always looking forward to taking on new clients for Houston commercial insulation. There are a lot of new projects and ventures on the horizon, and you will want the best team and the best material to do the job. Air Quality Express is a great insulation company in Houston. We will make sure to take care of your insulation. With our team, the installation process is smooth and done precisely.

Whether you are working on a high-level project for a conglomerate or this is an independent job that you need a reliable team for. We will perform with the utmost professionality and competence. To reach our representatives for insulation, simply give us a call at (832) 781-0105 or visit our website to learn more about our other services. We look forward to working with you! To learn more, check out our webpage on Houston Commercial Insulation.


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