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Houston Commercial Insulation Companies

Are you looking for the best Houston commercial insulation companies in the area? Perhaps you are building a large-scale project in the area, or maybe you need a replacement job. Air Quality Express is capable of providing either of these services, and we can ensure that it will be done in a prompt manner. If the installation of the previous insulation before us is not done efficiently, we can make reparations. Furthermore, if you need a brand new insulation job, we will be able to provide you the best materials and installation methods.

We host several different options for service. If at any time you would like to begin work, make sure to contact us at your earliest convenienceWe will be happy to connect you with one of our representatives who can assist you further. For now, let’s explore the different types of insulation that we provide. Each will be beneficial in their own respective areas, and we’ll elaborate on how they might work for your project. Air Quality Express maintains the highest rigor and professionalism when it comes to our clients; every job is performed with discipline and exemplary technical skill.

Methods Of Insulation By Houston Commercial Insulation Companies Matter

The best aspects of good insulation are in the benefits it brings to other parts of the home. This consists of the air conditioning and also the air quality. If you aren’t keeping good insulation, you may be subject to fumes that can trouble your workers and other constituents. Furthermore, with improper insulation for the environment that living you’re in, you can also run the risk of getting build-ups of mold or other bacteria that is dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Of course, even the best materials can be installed poorly. That is one of the biggest issues that homeowners face when it comes to trying to keep their house protected and their energy bills low. Analysis has shown that insulation can lose up to 25% of its efficiency when it isn’t in the right placement. Therefore, one of the most important factors to consider when you need insulation is who installs it.

With Air Quality Express, you won’t have to worry about improper use of materials or inefficiencies. Instead, we will make sure that your building is sound and supportive in a multitude of ways. Our insulation is certain to come with the added benefits of flame resistance, moisture resistance. Complete with our dedicated team, you can expect an effective and comprehensive job that will keep your building’s insulation secure for many years to come.

What Types Of Insulation Can We Offer?

We provide some of the most common materials and methods used for insulation. As you may know, options such as batts and loose-fill are available. However, we have blown-in methods, too. This will ensure that all of the areas of your building can be confidently covered. Through our careful analysis of the building, we can determine what the right combination is. However, generally, the types of materials available for use will be as follows:
Mineral Wool

This is, by far, one of the most common materials that are used. It comes in two forms, loose-fill, and batts. The sediment that makes up each of these comes from various locations. You can have mineral wool, which is from the slag gathered at steel mills, but you can also have rock wool or ceramic wool. This is an affordable and effective way to keep your building secure.

It has great resistance to moisture that will do well in South Texas. It can also protect against the intense heats. Be wary of this material, though, as it can be irritating for the skin, and the slivers are small enough to irritate the lungs severely. Only a professional team with the proper equipment should be used for installation.


Another material that is very useful and abundant is fiberglass. It is made up of woven silicon (glass) threads that are fibrous and capable of being densely packed. With the availability of loose-fill, this is a great option to have installed into your building because, like mineral wool, it has great heat resistance and even has excellent flame resistance, too.

However, just like Mineral wool, the little shards of silicon are small enough to aggravate your lungs, which have been known to cause disease and severe injury. While it is inexpensive, and ideal for areas that have humid and hot climates, we recommend a professional team take care of this for you as well.

Air Quality Express can make certain that whatever you choose will be applied with professionality and punctuality.

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We are one of the best Houston commercial insulation companies in the area. Our work has consistently provided satisfactory results for our clients. With our expertise and experience, you can expect the same results. That is a standard of Air Quality Express that we uphold on every job.

For any questions regarding the details of our service, you can call  (832) 781-0105 to speak with customer service. Otherwise, feel free to visit our website to learn more about our other options. There are a lot of other home improvement jobs that we offer. This will be ideal for your new commercial building if you have not yet gotten these other jobs fulfilled. We pride ourselves in bringing multi-faceted support to our clients! Check out our page on insulation services to learn more.

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