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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services in Houston

Do you notice that your employees tend to be sniffy by mid afternoon? Are your energy bills higher than you think they should be?

Well, when was the last time you had your air ducts professionally cleaned?

With as much foot traffic as a commercial building experiences, commercial air ducts need to be cleaned more often than in a residential building, as frequently as a year; restaurants may need their air ducts cleaned even more frequently.

air duct cleaning commercial
air duct cleaning commercial

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Benefits of Houston Commercial Duct Cleaning

Of course, it’s important to justify the costs of a commercial air duct cleaning, and we’ve listed a few reasons why scheduling air duct cleaning services is essential for your business.

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Longer Equipment Life

A clogged HVAC system has to work harder to perform the same climate control measures as a clean one. As a result, overworked HVAC systems malfunction and require costly maintenance and even replacement far more often. A routinely cleaned air duct will stay functional for much longer than a dirty one.

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Reduced Energy Costs

The harder an HVAC system has to work, the lower its energy efficiency. Lower energy efficiency leads to increased energy bills, and it takes a minimal layer of dust build up to noticeably lower an HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

Increased Employee Productivity

With smartphones and the internet, there’s already more than enough distractions present in a commercial environment. If your employees are feeling congested and sluggish from the allergens circulating in your building, that will be reflected in their work. Any measure taken to increase employee productivity is a money saver for a company.

Fewer Sick Days

In a building with a higher saturation of allergens, employees with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma will be far more likely to call in sick to work.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

To reduce your air conditioning costs and increase the productivity of your employees, a regularly-scheduled commercial air duct cleaning once a year is highly recommended. Our air duct cleaning technicians follow this process:

Air Duct Assessment

Before cleaning, our technicians will inspect your air duct to determine the level of saturation and what kinds of allergens are present. This assessment will also enable our technicians to observe your air ducts for damage that may require restoration beyond a simple cleaning.

Dislodging Debris & Contaminants

Using a Rotobrush, our technicians carefully root through your ductwork, dislodging any embedded dust particles.

Vacuuming Allergens

Following the dislodging of particles, we use powerful HEPA vacuums to suck all airborne microbes out of your air duct without introducing them into your breathing air space. This is the most important part of having a professional company clean your air ducts, as individuals won’t have access to these industrial-grade vacuums.

Antimicrobial Disinfection

Once all particles are removed from the ductwork, our technicians use a combination of organic, non-toxic commercial detergents to fully decontaminate your ductwork.

Resealing Air Ducts

Once your entire ductwork is cleaned of particles and completely disinfected, our technicians will seal poorly insulated sections of your air ducts, and reseal areas they had to open to access your ductwork. Upon resealing, your air duct will work like new!

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