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Houston is a great city in a lot of ways: whether you’re here for food, culture, or business, this city has something for everyone. One of the worst things about the city, however, is our climate. In both the frigid cold of winter and the dead heat of summer, Houston’s humidity can be positively miserable. Not only can it affect you personally; the heat and humidity that nearly define the city will affect your home, as well. Therefore, knowing a dependable Houston attic insulation company is crucial to maintaining a comfortable home.

You may be thinking that your home is already properly insulated; after all, a house cannot pass a county inspection without minimum standards of attic insulation in place. However, you may find that the minimum standards still fall short of your personal expectations.

Additionally, the age of your residence plays a huge part in the adequacy of your attic insulation. Depending on how long you have lived there, inspection standards may have changed. Or, you may experience the natural decay of your insulation materials due to environmental impact.

Benefits of Quality Attic Insulation

Whatever the case may be, you need a Houston attic insulation company you can trust. And now that you know why your attic insulation should be replaced, you should understand how proper attic insulation can positively impact your home.

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Insulation Maintains Room Temperatures

The primary function of attic insulation is to keep your rooms at the temperatures you prefer. But if you find that certain rooms in your home are cold in the winter, or muggy in the summer, you may have improperly installed attic insulation. This problem goes further than personal comfort; it can affect your energy efficiency.

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Attic Insulation Affects Energy Efficiency

As a direct effect of insulation’s temperature control, the energy efficiency of your home is impacted by your attic insulation. You may think that hot or cold zones are a failure of your HVAC system. In fact, your HVAC system is working overtime to try to keep those zones under control. That extra work is causing your HVAC system to work inefficiently; and an inefficient HVAC leads to higher energy bills.

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Insulation Preserves Indoor Air Quality

All homes have cracks, no matter how small. Consequently, these cracks can allow outdoor particles to enter. A properly insulated home is safe. However, improperly insulated homes may allow microbes in. These microbes can include mold, allergens, bacteria, and other particles that can negatively impact your respiratory health.

Insulation Protects Against Moisture Build-Up

One of the many things keeps out of your home is the Houston humidity. Without proper insulation, you may find your home more prone to moisture build-up. Unfortunately, moisture build-up leads to mold, and mold can lead to a host of structural and health problems.

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Insulation Soundproofs Your Home

Noise reduction may be one of the last things on your mind if you have an insulation issue. However, as a homeowner, you should have every comfort guaranteed. If you can hear the kids playing down the street, you may find that your insulation seal is lacking.

Types of Attic Insulation

At Air Quality Express, we offer several types of attic insulation, including fiberglass, batt, and blown-in. Thus, listed below is a description of each type of attic insulation, so you can determine which one is the best fit for your home.

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Fiberglass Insulation

Much cheaper than the common alternative, cellulose, fiberglass insulation is our go-to material. Most importantly, fiberglass is non-flammable and heat-resistant, which means it is much more resilient to the Houston climate than cellulose is. In addition to heat resistance, fiberglass also inhibits mildew and mold growth.

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Batt Insulation

Available in rolls and pre-cut panels, batt insulation is the most cost-effective insulation option we offer. Furthermore, our batt insulation also features flame-resistant facing, further protecting your home from the Texas heat and its effects on wiring and appliances. And because our batt insulation comes in an easy-to-apply form, this method is our quickest and most painless.

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Blown-In Insulation

If your home has complicated surfaces to fit, blown-in insulation is your best bet. Using a truck-mounted hose, we can fill every gap and space with fiberglass insulation. Therefore, this method is perfect for supplementing existing batt insulation and is very effective in reducing heating or cooling costs.

Your Houston Area Attic Insulation Experts

Whatever type of insulation you may determine is the best for your home, Air Quality Expresss is your source for dependable attic insulation installation in the Houston area. Give us a call at (832) 781-0105 to schedule a same-day inspection. We look forward to getting your home climate and air quality as comfortable as possible.

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