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Houston Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you’re on the search for Houston Air Duct Cleaning Services, make sure you find the best company for the job. Air Quality Express is an excellent choice when it comes to air duct cleaning. We’ve been in this industry for over ten years and are dedicated to improving the indoor air quality of every building that we can. And we make it easy for you to get our great services, by providing affordable pricing, and same-day services. We serve the greater Houston area and are happy to help you on your way to a cleaner, fresher indoor air.

More Than Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning services include more than just that. Not only will our air duct cleaners remove all debris, but we’ll also perform a physical inspection of your system. This will let us know if your air ducts are compromising your system in any way. We also offer mold remediation services, in case you have these dangerous fungi present in your home or around your vents.


What Do We Do?

We provide many different services related to indoor air quality because, often, improvement requires more than one solution. However, air duct cleaning is a service that can make a big difference almost immediately. Since cleaning air ducts is often a neglected aspect of building ownership, Air Quality Express can make a big difference in the lives of those we help. In fact, we can say that about most of our services. Because air quality is directly linked to physical health and quality of life, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we perform life-saving work. Our great services include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Air duct system replacement
  • Post-fire cleaning and restoration services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Air ducts and dryer vents cleaning
  • Air conditioning filter replacement
  • and more!

Below, we’ll elaborate on our services directly related to air duct cleaning. If you want to learn more about our many air quality services, make sure to check out our website.

Why You Need Our Houston Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air quality issues can become a matter of life and death if the issue gets out of hand. But Air Quality Express is here to help, so it doesn’t have to get to that point.

Worst-case scenario, poor air quality can directly contribute to a person’s or a child’s death. We don’t say this to invoke fear, but to be factual. In addition to massively reducing the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, dirt and clogged air ducts hold and redistribute millions of contaminants into the air you breathe. At a certain point, you’ll be able to notice the effect that this has on your physical well-being. Your air ducts can pump out allergens, bacterias, and even mold spores that can make you sick and damage your organs. If you have young children in your building, they are especially at risk of developing a disease. No matter how clean you are, particles and unseen debris enters your home and rests on your furniture, carpet, and in your air ducts. Fortunately, Air Quality Express can eradicate this issue.

How Our Air Duct Cleaning Company Operates

It’s important to know just how we perform our work so that you can truly get a sense of what makes us the best company for the job at hand. For one, we offer same-day service, so there’s very little wait time between your request and the great job getting done. If you’ve had reservations about scheduling your air duct cleaning due to other time constraints, you now have no excuse. Call Air Quality Express, and we’ll be in and out of your hair in no time.

When we arrive at your location, the first thing you’ll notice is that we showed up on time. The second thing you might notice is our truck. To clean air ducts, we use a truck-mounted vacuum. This allows our technicians to remove the dust from your building rather than shift it to another area. Before we turn on the vacuum, however, we use two techniques to loosen up the dirt stuck to your air ducts. We use a little thing known as a skipper ball, which knocks all of the debris off of the air ducts. The skipper ball can reach every area of your ducts, so it’s sure not to miss anything. But as if that wasn’t enough, our technician will also be brushing the air ducts gently to agitate the dust. When everything is loose, the vacuum will be turned on, and the dirt will be sucked away.

Finally, we apply a deodorizer to the air vent. This will make your home or workplace smell great by tackling odor-causing bacteria that still remain in the air. You might not have even noticed that your building smelled differently! The strong deodorizer can cause a bit of irritation initially, so we recommend staying outside for a few minutes while it takes effect. Other than this minor irritation, the deodorizer is completely safe and harmless.

Call Us Today!

With same-day service, you don’t have to wait! Call Air Quality Express to reap the benefits of cleaner air. Your family, friends, and patrons will notice a difference, even if they aren’t quite sure what it is. Our services won’t disrupt your business or family matters. Call (832) 781-0105 or contact us online to get started. In addition to same-day service, we’re available in case of an emergency as well. If you need Houston Air Duct Cleaning Services, you need Air Quality Express! Check out our page on Air Duct Cleaning to learn more about our service.

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Mold Elimination

For an additional cost, Air Quality Express techs can also remove mold from your property. We have the tools to detect mold that you haven’t even spotted yet. Additionally, we have the equipment to remove this mold completely. Because mold spores are extremely damaging to the lungs, we highly recommend that you take care of this issue right away. Our technicians will let you know of any mold found near your air ducts or HVAC system.