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Fire Damage

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Air Quality Express provide fire damage restoration to make sure your house is clean and safe in
Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Fire has a huge destructive tendency. In minutes, fire can significantly destroy your property. Even in cases of minor damage, your air quality will change drastically due to the soot and smoke. From a minor inconvenience to the total destruction of property, all fires have the power to alter your quality of life. We can help!

Each fire is unique in terms of cause, spread, and damage. Something as minuscule as a gas splinter can cause wreckage to your entire home.

The tiny flame of a candle wick can set any flammable material in your home up in flames. Once the fire takes hold of something, it quickly spreads to other places. Even materials that you believed were non-flammable will lavishly burn when caught up in the path of the growing fire.

That being said, the flames can ruin your whole building, even the exterior, and roofing. Even more, appliances in your home can be rendered useless when in contact with significant flames. In any case, call Air Quality Express.

Fire-Related Hazards

Fires are no joking matter. Aside from the damage fires can cause to your property, they are also extremely dangerous for humans in a multitude of ways. As such, it is important that you take as many preventive measures as possible.

With Air Quality Express, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that we’ll work to minimize any types of
fires risks in your home.The longer you remain in a home that hasn’t been properly restored, the
longer you put yourself and your loved ones at risk. Removing the charred remains of your furniture
and flooring isn’t enough to combat these health risks.

Call Air Quality Express, a team of professional air quality experts. We’ll restore both the seen and the
unseen elements of your building. By fully ridding your property of soot and toxic smoke remnants,
your home or office will be more beautiful and safe than ever before.

Complete Fire Damage
Restoration, 24/7

Here at Air Quality Express, we take fire damage restoration very seriously. We understand the severity of damage that fires cause on properties. As such, we make sure to follow the highest standards in the industry to ensure your home is properly restored.
Additionally, we’ll take preventive measures to
minimize the risk of another fire.As we restore
your property, we prioritize repairing the
damage that can lead to more damage.
For example, if your air ducts or dryer vents were
slightly affected, we’ll make sure they are in good
condition to ensure they don’t present a major
fire hazard.
We put our first efforts towards ensuring the
safety and security of your building.

Our team will also make sure that your HVAC
system is fully cleaned and safe to operate. We’ll
thoroughly clean the property as well, inside and

This restores not only the attractiveness of your
home but also the air quality.The end result of our restoration service is a top-
to-bottom transformation of your home or workplace.

Call Us for Emergency

When Air Quality Express is done, your home will be fully restored in terms of both functionality and beauty. We have helped many in the Houston area and would love to add you to our growing group of satisfied, less-stressed property owners. With 24/7 service, you can call Air Quality Express at any time for fire damage restoration in Houston,TX and surrounding areas.