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Air Quality Express provide air duct cleaning in Spring, TX and surrounding areas.

Why Should We Take Air Duct Cleaning in Spring Seriously?

Air ducts are an integral part of any building’s ventilation system. But over time, they tend to collect dirt, dust and other contaminants which can diminish air quality and imperil the health of the building’s occupants. The dirt inside the duct work can also impede the air flow causing the HVAC unit to work harder to compensate. The result in higher energy costs. If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts recently, its time to call Air Quality Express to schedule an appointment. Reclaim your fresh air, improve your health and lower your energy bill.

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How We Approach Air Duct Cleaning Services in Spring

Air Quality Express is aware just how important indoor air quality is to you, your family, and your workers. As such we set about the entire process with meticulous care, excellence and speed. No one deserves poor air quality due to dirty air ducts. That is why you too should pay close attention to the condition of your ductwork.

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

If you’re having a hard time recalling, that is a signal you may be long overdue. Call Air Quality Express today to schedule an appointment and a certified tech will pay you a visit to assess the work. If you accept the estimate, we will perform the work on the same day in most cases. If not, we will schedule for the next available slot.

We also understand that not all homes are the same. The way the ductwork is constructed, installed, maintained, and sealed all vary from building to building. Our experienced techs will give your home or office the unique treatment it deserves.  If you are in Spring, TX, contact us today and experience perfect air quality!

Why is it Necessary to Perform Air Duct Cleaning in Spring?

Most people don’t quite appreciate the role air ducts play in overall air quality and even our health. Top health officials unanimously agree there is a direct correlation between dirty air ducts and respiratory issues. It is also recommended that you hire a professional air duct cleaner rather than attempting to do it yourself. 
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Removing dirt, germs, and other allergy contaminants 

The hot and humid Texas climate makes it a easy for dirt, dust, mold, pollen and other contaminants and allergens to find refuge inside the air ducts. These and microbes then become disbursed throughout the home or office’s air supply system causing health problems especially for people with underlying sensitive respiratory. 
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Improve Energy Efficiency and Improve Air Quality

We recognize that not every home or office has correctly-installed air ducts. This can cause leaks and tears in addition to harboring contaminants that lead to health problems. Cleaning your air ducts will result in better airflow and lower energy bills since the HVAC unit is able to operate more efficiently. 
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Healthier Home Environment

Research shows people spend over 70% of their lives inside a building (whether home or office). This is even more the case during this COVID-19 season. Never before has indoor air quality been so important and air duct cleaning is at the center of it. If you have dirt or even the clear presence of mold in your air duct system, your indoor air quality will be compromised. Cleaning your ductwork is one of the best ways to attain a healthy home environment. 
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Professional Air Duct Cleaner vs DIY

You may find yourself ready to clean your air ducts on your own, but must consider that unless you’re a licensed contractor, you may cause more harm than good. Our process is designed to carefully remove allergens from inside the ductwork without cycling them into your home; you run the risk of introducing even more dust into your breathing space without access to the same industrial-grade vacuums a professional has. Even worse, you may accidentally damage your ductwork if you attempt to clean it yourself, leading to far costlier repairs that could be avoided by just relying on experts.

What is Our Process?

Different companies approach air duct cleaning differently. At Air Quality Express, we keep the customer updated on every step of the process. We even include before and after pictures with each invoice.

Thorough Inspection of the HVAC System

Once we receive a call, we dispatch a technician to your location to conduct an initial assessment of your entire HVAC system. This includes reviewing all the pertinent components of the system. This process can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes. Thereafter an estimate is generated and if accepted we can perform the work on the spot or schedule it for the next available slot. 

Step One – Ventilation System Inspection

All service calls begin with an inspection, and our certified technicians start their inspection from the main ventilation unit in the attic. This starts with the plenum, the air distributor that feeds the rest of the ventilation system, and includes inspection of the ducts, coils, the return air box, the drainline drip pans underneath the coils, the blower, and the register covers. This should take 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your ventilation system.


Generating an Estimate

As highlighted above, once the estimate is accepted, we can begin the work right away or schedule an appointment for a later time. 

Step Two – Estimation and Scheduling

Depending on the findings of the inspection, the technician will provide an estimate for necessary services, and can perform the air duct cleaning either on the spot or at a later scheduled time.

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Initial Ventilation Clean-up

The cleanup process begins with dismantling of the ventilation system components.  These are cleaned using special solutions and detergents to ensure thorough eradication of all contaminants. Then pressure washing is applied to remove all the microbes.
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Step Three – Initial Ventilation System Cleaning

To begin the cleaning process, our technicians will disassemble each of the aforementioned parts of the ventilation system (plenum, coil, et al) and use special solutions and pressure washing to rid the parts of microbes.

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Vacuum Cleaning

Once these components are cleaned, the technicians then use a HEPA vacuum which then removes any excess water and particles from the main air duct unit. Afterwards we utilize an industry-quality rotor brush to remove any particles that may remain within the components including from the coils, plenum and the register boxes.
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Step Four – HEPA Vacuum Cleaning

Once the surface parts are cleaned, the technician will use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove any excess water and particles from the main attic unit; a rotor brush is then attached to the vacuum to dislodge particles from the plenum and the register boxes.

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Final Steps

After the contaminants have been cleaned off, the techs will then embark on a thorough process of sanitizing the covers and seal any leaks in the system. This can take approximately 2-3 hours.  More complex systems can take longer. Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.
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Step Five – Finishing Touches

Once microbes and mold have been removed from your home, our technicians will sanitize the register covers and seal any leaks in your ventilation system. The process usually takes 2-3 hours, with more complex systems requiring more time. Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.

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Scheduling an Appointment

Tired of poor indoor air quality? Call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 today and take a breath of fresh air!
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Schedule Air Duct Cleaning with Air Quality Express

You’ve been suffering from poor air quality and high energy bills for long enough – give Air Quality Express a call at (832) 781-0105 today and take a breath of fresh air!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Spring, TX

Commercial buildings and enterprises also suffer poor air quality. This can impact the health of both customers and workers. Additionally, dirty ductwork can cost the business exponentially when it comes to energy bills. Air Quality Express provides professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings in Spring, TX and surrounding areas. Our process ensures that your business enjoys optimum air quality, healthy working conditions and . 

Call for Our Same-Day Service

At Air Quality Express, we understand just how important optimum air quality is to you, and your loved ones. From the time we receive the initial call to when we schedule the work, we ensure that the work is performed and completed in a timely manner without compromising quality. Most jobs can be completed within 4 hours with our speedy and efficient cleaning services.

The Process

Our air duct cleaning method is efficient, comprehensive, and, most of all, safe. We inspect and clean your complete HVAC system from top to bottom. There are two steps to removing build-up.

First, we scrape the ducts with a Roto-brush to loosen any build-up. Once the build-up is loose, our technician uses a HEPA vacuum to effectively remove it and cleanse the air duct. We use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove dust and debris from the air ducts. Because the build-up is no longer stuck to the duct, the air will be able to flow easier through the ductwork. As such, this enables the vacuum to suck out all the dust and debris.

Additionally, our process helps avoid unnecessary wear to your ductwork. The truck-mounted vacuum transports the dust not only out of your ducts but completely out of your home. So not only are your air ducts clean, but your indoor air will continue to remain clean.

Air Duct Repair Services in Spring, TX

Dirty air ducts are a major source of indoor air pollution. If you’re looking for professional duct cleaning services in Spring, TX, call Air Quality Express. Cleaning your ductwork will ensure it runs more efficiently resulting in lower utility bills for the residents. More importantly, clean air ducts significantly improve your family’s health by eradicating microbes, and other contaminants. Airborne contaminants are pulled into the ducts every time the heating and cooling system run. They can also gain access through vacuuming, indoor cooking, smoking and even leaving the doors and windows open! Our services are just one phone call away.

UV Light Installation Services

Researchers have discovered that UV lights are an alternate but effective way to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. For those who want to eradicate contaminants in their ductwork without using chemicals, this is the way to go. Air Quality Express can install UV lighting inside your air duct to improve your indoor air quality over the long-term, call Air Quality Express today.

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