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Understanding the Basics of Air Duct Cleaning in Richmond, TX

According to leading health experts, air ducts are a major contributor of poor indoor air quality including bad odors. This is because Air ducts are notorious for harboring dirt, dust, germs, debris, and bacteria, especially if they aren’t regularly cleaned. In addition, allergens, irritants, mold, and other contaminants tend to collect inside the ductwork. These then circulate inside the building thanks to the HVAC system. If inhaled for prolonged periods, these irritants can cause health issues, such as asthma, heart disease, and even brain damage. 
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Deciding to Clean Your Air Ducts

Many homeowners believe changing the HVAC air filters can help improve air flow and quality. This is true, but its just one step in the journey to ensuring fresh air. The air ducts themselves need to be cleaned. As we mentioned earlier, air ducts are critical to a building’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency. This is because air ducts tend to harbor dirt, dust and a lot of other particles and contaminants which if inhaled, can cause health problems. When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? This is a good time to call Air Quality Express to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts Professionally

Why is it important to clean your air ducts? Can you clean the air ducts yourself? Read on: 
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Eradication of dust, dirt, and contaminants

Do you constantly experience allergy symptoms (even when its not allergy season)? How about unexplained headaches, sore throat, watery eyes, incessant coughing and sneezing? Health experts agree the answer could lie in the quality of your indoor air. When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? Dirt air ducts can cause allergy-like symptoms and respiratory problems.
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Better airflow and lower energy costs

In many cases, the air ducts are improperly installed. This, together with failure to schedule regular air duct cleaning, can cause leaks in the system and result in a spike in energy costs. This is a key reason why you should always consult with a professional like Air Quality Express to clean your air ducts. 
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Reclaim your home’s overall hygiene

Air Quality Express works to identify and eradicate mold inside your air ducts. The presence of mold inside the air ducts is a major cause of respiratory and other health complications. Need to reclaim your home’s indoor air quality? Contact us today for an appointment.
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Getting professional air duct cleaning

Sometimes, there is the temptation to clean your own air ducts. While it may be motivated by good intentions, it is not recommended. This is because you may actually do more harm than good. First, you may damage the duct work resulting in very expensive repairs down the road. Secondly, air ducts harbor a lot of contaminants. If you don’t have proper equipment, and protective gear, you may endanger your own health. Finally, attempting to clean your own air ducts may in fact have the exact opposite effect: you may introduce even more contaminants and dirt into the air ducts necessitating even more clean-up work later. 

Understanding our air duct cleaning process

Our air duct cleaning process is completely transparent. We include before-and-after pictures with every invoice. Below is a rundown of the entire process:

1. Inspecting the HVAC and Duct System

Before we can begin the work, we need to understand the extent of the dirt, contaminants, mold infestation and other damage. Our licensed and certified professionals conduct a thorough inspection of the main ventilation unit in the attic. This process which can take up to 20 minutes (depending on the size of your system) includes all the HVAC and ductwork components.

Step One – Ventilation System Inspection

All service calls begin with an inspection, and our certified technicians start their inspection from the main ventilation unit in the attic. This starts with the plenum, the air distributor that feeds the rest of the ventilation system, and includes inspection of the ducts, coils, the return air box, the drainline drip pans underneath the coils, the blower, and the register covers. This should take 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your ventilation system.


2. Estimation and Scheduling

Once we complete the assessment and compile our findings, we present these to the homeowner with an estimate of the cost. If the estimate is acceptable, we can complete the work the same day or schedule it for a later time. 

Step Two – Estimation and Scheduling

Depending on the findings of the inspection, the technician will provide an estimate for necessary services, and can perform the air duct cleaning either on the spot or at a later scheduled time.

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3. Initial Cleaning

Once the homeowner accepts the estimate, the work begins with the disassembling of each of the HVAC components (plenum, air distributor, coil, etc.). These are then cleaned using special cleaning detergents and pressure washing to rid the parts of contaminant, irritants, or microbes.
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Step Three – Initial Ventilation System Cleaning

To begin the cleaning process, our technicians will disassemble each of the aforementioned parts of the ventilation system (plenum, coil, et al) and use special solutions and pressure washing to rid the parts of microbes.

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4. Vacuum Cleaning

The next step involves vacuum cleaning using a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum. The goal is to remove any excess water and dislodge any particles. Then a rotor brush is attached to the vacuum to remove any remaining debris still lingering in the plenum and the register boxes.
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Step Four – HEPA Vacuum Cleaning

Once the surface parts are cleaned, the technician will use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove any excess water and particles from the main attic unit; a rotor brush is then attached to the vacuum to dislodge particles from the plenum and the register boxes.

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5. Final step

Once microbes and mold have been removed from your home, our technicians will sanitize the register covers and seal any leaks in your ventilation system. The process usually takes 2-3 hours, with more complex systems requiring more time. Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.
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Step Five – Finishing Touches

Once microbes and mold have been removed from your home, our technicians will sanitize the register covers and seal any leaks in your ventilation system. The process usually takes 2-3 hours, with more complex systems requiring more time. Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.

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Schedule Air Duct Cleaning with Air Quality Express

You should never settle for poor indoor air quality. Reclaim your fresh air, peace of mind, and sound health by calling Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 to schedule an appointment!
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Schedule Air Duct Cleaning with Air Quality Express

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In addition to residential customers, our company also specializes in professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings. We understand that routine air duct cleaning is essential if you are to reclaim optimum air quality for yourself, family and workers. Additionally, clean air ducts have a direct impact on your energy costs. This is because unimpeded air flow translates into your HVAC’s overall efficiency.

We're Glad to Offer Same Day Service

Once our techs complete their assessment, we generate an estimate. If the customer accepts the assessment, we can proceed with work on the spot. In most cases, we make sure that the job is started and finished before the end of the day. . Instead, call Air Quality Express. With our speedy and efficient cleaning services, routine duct maintenance can be a breeze.

The Process

Our air duct cleaning method is efficient, comprehensive, and, most of all, safe. We inspect and clean your complete HVAC system from top to bottom. There are two steps to removing build-up.

First, we scrape the ducts with a Roto-brush to loosen any build-up. Once the build-up is loose, our technician uses a HEPA vacuum to effectively remove it and cleanse the air duct. We use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove dust and debris from the air ducts. Because the build-up is no longer stuck to the duct, the air will be able to flow easier through the ductwork. As such, this enables the vacuum to suck out all the dust and debris.

Additionally, our process helps avoid unnecessary wear to your ductwork. The truck-mounted vacuum transports the dust not only out of your ducts but completely out of your home. So not only are your air ducts clean, but your indoor air will continue to remain clean.

Air Duct Repair

High-quality and excellent undergird everything we do at Air Quality Express. When it comes to air duct cleaning in Richmond, including fixing leaks and tears, . So if you ever have any suspicions on what condition your air ducts are currently in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re able to fix a wide range of air duct problems, so make sure to contact us as soon as you see something wrong. Apart from maintenance repairs, air ducts will also eventually age to the point of no return. If you feel like it’s time to replace your outdated or damaged air duct, our technicians can definitely help replace your system with a newer, more cost-effective one. Our services are just one phone call away.

UV Lights Installation Service in Richmond, TX

For people with concerns about using chemical detergents to eradicate contaminants and germs in their air duct, there’s an alternative. UV lights are another option. Ultraviolet rays can kill germs, viruses, and bacteria inside the air duct. They are simple to install and easy to maintain. Call Air Quality Express today to schedule an appointment to install UV lights.

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