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Air Duct Cleaning Basics

What is air duct cleaning? This typically refers to cleaning various components of your HVAC system. This system is critical to the supply of air, heat, and cold into the home or office. These components also include the air ducts themselves, grilles/vents, heat exchangers, and even the cooling coils.

Over time, air ducts collect dust, dirt, mold, pollen, mildews, and other contaminants. These have been linked to various respiratory problems which include but are not limited to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and general allergy symptoms.

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About Pearland, TX

The city of Pearland is a major suburb of Houston. Since 2010, Pearland has seen a population surge as more families relocate to the area. Today, it boast a population of over 40,000. and has been ranked as the 15th-fastest-growing city in the U.S. It’s explosive growth has been the result of its proximity to the newly-remodeled Highway 288, and the Sam Houston Tollway which links it to metro Houston and other surrounding high-traffic areas.

Pearland offers the best in suburban living with pristine neighborhoods, schools and shopping districts. Additionally, residents can enjoy amazing restaurants, parks, and other recreational areas without leaving the general area. Its close proximity to other hubs such as Missouri City and Sugar Land make Pearland an even more attractive location.

Why Schedule Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Pearland, TX?

Do you suffer from unexplained allergy symptoms or illnesses? The reason could be dirty air ducts. Over time, these can be contaminated with large deposits of dirt, pollen, dust, mold, and other allergens.  Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dirt, debris, and other allergens can cause allergies when they are released into the home from your HVAC supply registers.

Many homeowners neglect to clean their ductwork over time resulting in these contaminants and pollutants growing inside the components of your heating and cooling system. This is why you need a professional air duct cleaning service in Pearland to provide not just a thorough inspection and evaluation but also actual clean-up work. 

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

This is an important question. Dirty air ducts have been linked to health problems. Below is a list of why its beneficial to clean your air ducts.


Eradicate Irritants and Allergens from Home

Hot humid regions such as Texas experience a lot of pollen, pet dander, and other microbes inside the air duct system. These particles then begin to circulate once the HVAC unit is turned on and can affect respiratory systems. Air duct cleaning can mean the difference between incessant allergies and peaceful sleep.

Lower Energy Bills

When your air duct is clogged with dirt, it causes the HVAC unit to work harder to serve heat or cold. This results in higher energy bills. Properly installed, sealed and cleaned air duct systems results in lower energy costs. Air Quality Express technicians will identify all issues with dirty air ducts and resolve them professionally.

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We are Licensed and Certified

It is highly recommended that you get a licensed and certified air duct cleaning expert. Avoid unlicensed and uncertified vendors who may attempt to use bait and switch techniques to attract your business. In many cases, these vendors prey on unsuspecting and desperate homeowners by offering lower prices and coupons that sound too good to be true. Always rely on an expert by verifying the license and insurance with the state.

We provides professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings Pearland, TX.  Cleaning your air ducts can significantly boost the quality of your indoor air.  Additionally, clean air ducts can considerably lower your energy bills. We offer same-day appointments in most cases.

Same Day Service

We start and finish all jobs on the same day. With Air Quality Express, we ensure that we complete the work without disrupting your day. No need to close down your business or plan a vacation just because you’ve scheduled air duct cleaning. Call us today!

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